Why You Need an Integration Strategy

CRAs rely heavily on technology and cross-platform integrations to provide maximum usability and cross-functionality for both internal employees and external clients. It’s crucial to integrate new applications and resources into your existing platforms and services, but it’s often difficult to manage any transitions or additions without proper planning. Setting up an integration plan is a good first step – ideally before you jump head-first into any large scale changes.

Agility is an important tool to stay relevant as a CRA or background check provider. The market moves quickly, and the clients’ demands are higher with every passing year.

Without the proper ATS integrations or cross-platform functions, your CRA services won’t stack up to the competitions’. Planning for the future is often difficult when you must rely on forecasting changes to technology, but it’s an important process. A proper integration plan will make life easier as your business evolves and adds new services to support your corporate goals. Whether it’s driven by clients, competitors, or internal forces, innovation in the CRA market is a constant threat to your success.

Cloud computing, mobile applications, web services, database management – it’s hard to predict the future of background checks and CRA business models. What will the future look like? While it’s impossible to predict exactly what changes will happen in the industry, it’s important to prepare as much as possible. Integration is a driving force in the background check space, as clients demand better functionality and premier services from their CRAs and other recruitment services. Those companies that plan for integration now will be better able to meet the needs of their clients in the future.

Integration can mean many different things, but the basic idea is a merger of applications, services, and platforms into one central resource or database. As managers and recruiters rely on IT infrastructure to match opportunities to applicants, there is a growing role for CRAs to integrate into existing (and yet-to-be-built) enterprise software packages. Making life easier for the clients, their applicants, and the wider corporate community is a noble goal for CRA firms. Integration will play an important role in the growth the CRA industry, and it’s time to plan for that future now.

An integration plan is a simple step that you can take today – start thinking about the future. What can you expect from your current hardware and software resources? Are you ready to meet the challenge of a demanding marketplace with the best IT infrastructure in place?

Integration inside and outside your organization will help you build the right tools and processes to ensure the best hiring and onboarding outcomes for everyone involved.

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