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Most companies screen for red flags in their employees’ work, legal or financial history once, before they come on board on day one. The problem is that those checks represent a moment in time. If an employee commits a crime, has a license revoked or loses work authorization after being hired, the employer may never find out. Being notified once a current employee has been involved in criminal activity is vital to an employer. Continuous monitoring is a subscription service that can alert the Human Resources department, predict potential risks from staff, and reduce the prevalence of insider threats.

How It Works



Single enroll or CSV batch option is available in your HR Portal



Baseline Instant, Sentinal and SXOF initiated upon enrollment


Alert Scans

Smart match technology looks for changes in reports monthly


Report Goes to QA

CRA review changes, confirms at the courthouses, then sends findings to client in a new report

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Best reasons to use continuous monitoring in your background check process...

Tell the whole story!

Workers backgrounds don’t freeze. Pre-Hire backgrounds only tell part of the story.

Keep employees & customers safe!

1.2 million violent crimes in U.S. each year. Additionally drug and alcohol related activity can endanger workplace and customer safety.

Save Money!

Cases caused losses of over $6.3 billion nationally. Companies that experience issues of workplace crime are exposed to financial and legal ramifications.

Maintain a Positive Brand Image!

Maintaining a positive brand reputation is crucial to the success and stability of an organization. Research has shown that a company’s reputation is responsible for 25% of its market value.

Best reasons to use continuous monitoring in your background check process...

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