WorkProof: EmploymentVerification Redefined

In the ever-evolving landscape of employment verification, one thing remains, CRA’s need instant access, to accurate information at low costs. What if there was a game-changing alternative that could transform the way you verify employment that is a fraction the cost of the leading supplier of verifications?
Say Hello to Workproof, an innovative product that leverages official W2 transcripts from the IRS to automate the entire verification procedure, offering a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Instant Verification

With Workproof, employment verification happens in real-time. Our direct connection to the IRS W2 database allows us to instantly access employment records and provide verification on the spot. No more waiting around for days or weeks to hear back. Get the proof you need in seconds rather than days.

100% Accurate: Information

Don’t risk making hiring decisions based on inaccurate or falsified information. Workproof pulls employment data directly from the source – the IRS’s W2 records. You can trust that the verification we provide is completely accurate and up-to-date. No more guessing or assumptions. Make your hiring choices with confidence.

Elevating Your Experience

Reliable and accurate W2 form information sent directly to employers

Save time and effort by eliminating the need for manual verification processes

Ensure compliance with IRS regulations for employment verification

Streamline HR processes with fast and efficient employment verification

Trustworthy and secure platform for accessing verified employment information

Improve overall efficiency and accuracy in hiring processes with WorkProof.

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