Automated Reference Checks

The Problem

  • Manual phone calls are time consuming
  • Playing phone tag isn’t fun
  • Referee’s voicemail is always full
  • It takes on average 3 calls to get a hold of a person
  • 3 to 5 minutes per call wasted
  • 3rd party reference check service is expensive
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Reference Automation

Simple Configuration

Easy Template Creation

Swifthire for referees on the go

HR & SHM Module Ordering



Easy setup in the research network

Auto route to Swifthire reference checks

Client and client type exceptions

Expired and declined requests auto reassignment



Easily configurable templates

Customizable Instructions

Open Text and mandated fields

Instantly updates across all invitations

Create any question



Simple HR ordering

Text and email capabilities

Realtime status updates


Swifthire Mobile

UI built for mobile

Referees can do it on the go

Personalized reference requests

Completes in minutes

Form changes update to Swifthire Mobile instantly



Declines automatically routed to internal researcher

Responses captured in report view

Status and activity logs detailed

Realtime updates to CRA and HR

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