What is your Mobile Strategy?

What is your mobile strategy? It is a simple question, but for many in the background check industry, it is a complex thing to answer. From fully engaged brands, to those who have yet to innovate their company to include mobile options, the answers in this industry are truly diverse. However, when it comes to mobile strategy, it can be a little tough to even get started Luckily for you, we have brought together five tips to help you build your mobile strategy to ensure long-term success of your brand and company within the background check industry.

1. Mobile is becoming dominant

How are you reading this list right now, is it on your phone? The truth of the matter is that 60% of you will respond yes to this. That is a staggering number, and for those in the background check industry, it is something that we have underutilised. Our customers are more mobile than they have ever been before, and with a background check solution that offers mobile solutions, you will be well on your way to finding some new customers.

2. Be Responsive

The mobile phone has changed the world, and we are not just talking about connectivity. Today’s clients want responses quickly, and mobile strategies should be built to coordinate communication between you and your customer in a meaningful way. Whether this is a communication plan based on quick e-mails, or simply an easy to use app, a responsible mobile strategy will simply turn leads into conversions.

3. Consider the customer first

The easiest part of building a mobile strategy is looking at on paper, the real test is when it is released to the public. A meaningful mobile strategy will consider the customer first, and how they will interact with your brand daily. A good place to start is to define the problem your mobile strategy will solve, once you find this answer, you will be able to build a mobile strategy with a purpose and a direction for your brand to rally behind.

4. Review your data

As an online company, the data you can access is what will empower your mobile strategy. You have access to cutting-edge analytics, and trends that will help guide your strategy, and with tools such as Google Analytics you will be able to craft a message and a direction for your brand. This kind of empowered mobile strategy will ensure that your customers are not only engaged but will yield greater interaction with your site, which will lead to increased revenue for you in the long run.

5. Compatibility is key

Although we seem to only think of cell phones, a true mobile strategy will ensure your site, or app is compatible with both cell phones and tablets. This will ensure that customers do not face issues if they are trying to access your site, nor will they have dreaded connection problems. The last thing that you want is for your entire strategy to be derailed by a simple iOS update. To avoid this, build in upgrades to your strategy, and ensure compliance with Android, Windows and of course Apple at least quarterly.

Mobile strategies are not a simple endeavor, but when done right, a business can truly flourish. These five tips are just a starting point, and for those in the background check business, it might be time to look at what your mobile strategy is, and see if it is about time that you updated it.

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