Driving Innovation with Customers for Growth

In the employment screening and background check world, innovation is one of the most powerful drivers of growth. As the labor landscape changes and companies look to hire the best, the cutting edge of technology offers significant competitive advantages for early adopters. Growing your customer base through innovation isn’t always a straight-line process like marketing, but it’s a valuable investment to attract customers over time.

In a recent study by deverus, researchers discovered a significant impact of innovative new platforms on growth. Background check companies using the deverus platform outperformed the industry growth average by 100%. Firms on the cutting-edge platform saw year-over-year growth of 20% in their operations. Software improvements and cloud technology translate to faster and more reliable results for your customers, and those “wins” translate to faster and more sustainable growth.

One of the challenges for innovators in any industry is aiming at a target. Without a deep understanding of your customers’ (and their customers’) needs, it’s impossible to hit the mark with your research and development efforts. Most of the world’s executives, business owners, and managers are too far removed from customer-facing roles to keep a good handle on their needs. Effective communication between customers, front-line staff, developers, managers, and leaders can be time-consuming and cumbersome. It’s not something you can afford to ignore, however. The best companies in the world are the ones that listen to their customers and help them innovative with useful technology and improvements.

Innovation isn’t a goal – it’s a continuous commitment to being better. It’s not enough to create slick, new software packages or a killer application. If you aren’t in touch with the needs of your customers, it’s all for nothing. Business success is the goal of any for-profit organization, and it’s key to push for innovation where it benefits the end-user. No one will care if you solve a problem that they don’t have.

One of the most powerful forces in the background check industry is “smartsourcing” or outsourcing key business processes to reduce costs AND push for innovation across business units and strategic partners. It’s no longer enough to move parts of your operation to low-cost providers. The best companies in the industry look for opportunities to innovate and improve, inside and out of their direct management control.

At deverus, we drive innovation to improve our customer’s ability to perform. We help our clients improve their results through better technology, better platform integration, and powerful back-end cloud computing. With faster performance and more reliable tools, our clients rely on us to remove any bottlenecks in their recruiting and HR management processes. With a cloud-based platform, we offer 99% uptime and fast turnaround to deliver the best possible background check solutions, all at a lower cost than our competitors.

One of the major challenges for an innovator is the interoperability of our platform with our clients’ software and IT systems. Any smart innovation will account for the limitations of existing platforms, so we work hard to develop our new technology with legacy support. Driving innovation in-house and beyond the walls of deverus is an important goal for our team, and our customers rely on us to help them grow through investments in their own IT infrastructure and training. We are all in this together, and the future is bright for background check companies that adopt innovation into their daily practice. At deverus, we are here to help you along that journey.

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