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Driving Innovation with Customers for Growth

In the employment screening and background check world, innovation is one of the most powerful drivers of growth. As the labor landscape changes and companies look to hire the best, the cutting edge of technology offers significant competitive advantages for early adopters. Growing your customer base through innovation isn’t always a straight-line process like marketing, […]

ATS Integrations Imperative to CRAs Winning Big Contracts

Any HR manager will tell you that tracking your applicants and following them through the hiring process can be difficult at the best of times. If background checks, drug testing, or other employee verification tools are required, it becomes even harder. When background check companies offer full integration, staying on top of the applicant process is much […]

Five goals for CRA’s in 2018

With the new year just beginning, it is about time CRAs take a look forward and start making some goals for 2018. It’s time to be different or perish. With the job market thriving, new technology capabilities and potential for innovation, never before have CRAs had so much opportunities to set themselves on a growth […]

How to Win with ATS Partnerships

Applicant tracking systems are the cornerstone of the modern recruiting process. A centralized and standardized hiring platform offers benefits to human resource and executive personnel who own the hiring decision. Most large CRAs have teams focused on created relationships with almost every ATS. If you want to survive in the next few years, you must […]

Why CRAs Need to be on AWS

CRAs are a key piece of the hiring process for many companies. Losing time to hardware outages or system crashes is unacceptable. People are waiting to get hired, and recruiting managers need constant support from their CRA to ensure the right person find the right job. Background checks are a crucial part of the hiring […]

What is your Mobile Strategy?

What is your mobile strategy? It is a simple question, but for many in the background check industry, it is a complex thing to answer. From fully engaged brands, to those who have yet to innovate their company to include mobile options, the answers in this industry are truly diverse. However, when it comes to […]

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Why You Need an Integration Strategy

CRAs rely heavily on technology and cross-platform integrations to provide maximum usability and cross-functionality for both internal employees and external clients. It’s crucial to integrate new applications and resources into your existing platforms and services, but it’s often difficult to manage any transitions or additions without proper planning. Setting up an integration plan is a […]

It’s not if you have a mobile solution today, it’s how good is it?

Almost all CRAs now claim to have some sort of mobile solution that does everything from gather basic information, to drug screening scheduling and even allowing applicants to check status and see the results of their background check. So it’s not enough anymore, to just have a mobile solution, you now need one that offers […]

The Race to The Bottom: Perspective from a Third Party Platform Provider

deverus is a third party technology and platform provider for background check companies (CRAs). At a minimum, CRAs use technology to drive fundamental parts of their business. I would argue that it plays a fundamental role in everything they do. Regardless, no one would argue that it’s not a critical part of surviving and for […]