It’s not if you have a mobile solution today, it’s how good is it?

Almost all CRAs now claim to have some sort of mobile solution that does everything from gather basic information, to drug screening scheduling and even allowing applicants to check status and see the results of their background check.

So it’s not enough anymore, to just have a mobile solution, you now need one that offers a variety of features and most of all that it works.

The new benchmark now is completion rate. In the overall market of mobile anything above 66.1% will put you in the top 10%.

The reason is the number of completions means the applicant has successfully gone through the process, entered the necessary personal information and initiated the background check without HR having to manually do the job. If mobile is not designed for completion, abandon rates soar, and it actually ends up slowing the process and increasing interaction with support and HR.

There’s a significant value to completions because it means HR is not spending time manually entering applicant data, which in turn improves accuracy as well as speeds up time to hire. It also provides a better applicant experience because they are able to enter data on the goal and have control of their information.

The Anatomy of a Completion Rate (CR)

The primary goal with every form is completion. Eight factors have a major impact on completion rates:

Again, it’s easy to say you have a mobile solution. It’s harder to build one that actually gets high completion rates. After processing more than 100,000 applicants with our mobile Swifthire, deverus has a completion an average completion rate of more than 74%, some weeks it gets to 76%. Our goal is 80%. But think about even 70%. That means 70% of the time, applicants are doing the work for HR, and getting the information faster and more accurately than ever before. The value is incredible because it actually gives HR more time to focus on the things that matter and not simple data entry. Contact to deverus to see how we can improve your completion rate, provide better value to HR, and improve the overall hiring experience.