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I-9 Portal, Employment Eligibility Simplified

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Streamline your I-9 process

Verocity’s I-9 Portal offers an advanced electronic solution for managing compliance with Form I-9 Eligibility Verification Requirements. With the I-9 Portals’ automation capabilities, you can automate the workflow, reduce errors, create digital audit trails and have your records ready for compliance in minutes. The best way to make sure a company is safe and secure.

You know where you are every step of the way

With a complicated process comes numerous data inputs, views, status updates, and just an overall need for transparency in the workflow. That’s exactly what the I-9 Portals dashboard is built to do. It’s not only an I-9 automation tool, it’s also an efficient workflow management solution capable of saving you and your clients time and money.

We’ve got you covered

I-9 Portal uses comprehensive audit trail procedures including digital certification, user authentication, signature completion, and opt outs. So at anytime there’s a controversy, you'll have the trail to know who signed what and when.

Make it legal

One of the best things about the I-9 Portal is it’s tightly integrated to the government’s Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. No electronic I-9 process is complete without it. And being part of the government program, we are on top of all the current regulation and compliance changes so you can rest assured you are covered.

Plug and Play

With the I-9 Portal and our Hubworks platform you can integrate seamlessly with any ATS, Onboarding or HRMS system. You can take advantage of our pre-built integration APIs to receive requests and deliver results to any other platform. HR managers can submit requests through the front end system and the I-9 Portal will perform the E-Verify and generate a link to send to the employee for immediate use. Once done, the integration will send Section 1 and prepare Section 2 with a link to the the person who will be completing the form and verifying identification. It’s the perfect solution that allows HR to manage the process without the hassle of multiple systems.

Data Migration

When dealing with existing I-9 forms, it’s not enough to start an electronic I-9 automation process from scratch. In many cases you’ll need to find a way to migrate all your existing employees’ I-9’s onto the new platform.

With the help of outside vendors, we can get your manual I-9 forms scanned, uploaded, and immediately searchable inside your new I-9 Portal. We can also work with you to make sure that all records created before you adopted an automated solution are compliant and help correct any errors. It is the best way to get your I-9 process up to government standards and make sure you stay compliant, past or present.

Rest Assured

Employing the AWS cloud environment for the I-9 Portal ensures security reliability, and great performance. AWS environment is an infrastructure that is actually more secure than traditional in-house networks, and allows us to store an unlimited amount of data for your I-9 process needs while making sure that all of your data is secure and always instantly accessible.

Features of an Automated I-9 Process


Yes paperless. It’s the best thing. No more annoying forms to file and keep track of. Everything is in one place manageable through an intuitive dashboard built to have all the information at your fingertips. Need to review an I-9 form from a certain candidate? No problem, you can search for it in a dash.

Electronic Consent

The I-9 Portal comes with some of the most sophisticated digital signature technology available. It includes a certificate of authority to ensure validity as well as a wet signature to capture the signers’ personal signature. It also includes cryptography to ensure security and peace of mind.


In the I-9 process, notifications are extremely import to notify the candidate ahead of time to fill out the I-9 application or to remind employees of an upcoming re-verification or to fill out any incomplete information.

This result is improved work flow and less time spent on the hassles of gathering the information manually.


With the I-9 Portal getting detailed employment eligibility reports for increased visibility and responsiveness has never been easier. In addition, forms and E-Verify reports can be viewed, printed, downloaded or emailed in seconds. You also can create reports to view incomplete forms, upcoming re-verification status, and more.

Features of the I-9 Portal Dashboard

Workflow Management

From the dashboard you are able to immediately see all the details of your I-9 process. All your new hires appear in the main section with actionable items to review or complete. You know where they are with E-Verify, Section 1 or Section 2. You even have documentation right at your fingertips where you can view or download the exact report and print it if necessary.

Status Tracking

With unique status folders like Section 1, Section 2, Late or Complete, you know where everything is every step of the way. You can see all your current employees status as well as those that are expiring or have expired. It’s the best tool make sure you stay compliant and on top of the process.

Powerful Search

Once you have numerous active employees in the system, you’ll need a powerful search tool to quickly bring up exact names and printable reports. Using Amazon Web Services we have an extremely fast and powerful database that allows you to search records and pull what you need in a moments notice.


We call it one-click analytics and reporting. All the information you need to make sure you are compliant and current is right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to know exactly where your complete I-9 process is with a click of a mouse.

Features of the I-9 Portal Audit Trails

ICE Compliant

At the end of the day, it’s all about whether you are compliant with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The I-9 Portal has been reviewed thoroughly by several employment law firms and been determined that it meets the minimum guidelines set forth by ICE


E-Signature with secure user management tools ensures forensic-quality audit reports. You can rest assured every I-9 will be certified and defensible around who, what, where, and when. You’ll have real-time access to reports that help you track Section 1, Section 2 completion as well actual e-signature timestamps.

Self Audits

Let’s face it, human error does happen, especially when it’s an I-9 process for a big organization. To be compliant, it’s very important to make sure that all the hiring managers are adhering to the appropriate I-9 process. With the I-9 Portal, you can easily access data by user or branches and analyze certain steps to make sure there’s consistent compliance.

Features and Benefits of Integrated E-Verify


One of the best things about being integrated into the E-Verify system is that it’s compliant because it’s tied directly into the government's database on employee eligibility and verifying eligibility is the law. By using the E-Verify system, you are ensuring that you’re doing your best to stay compliant.

It’s Fast

When you are integrated into E-Verify from the I-9 Portal it’s actually faster than using the government site directly. With just one click you get results! This ensures you are protected and get the right people on the job without worrying about eligibility and compliance.


Using the I-9 Portal and E-Verify you’ll get results that give you peace of mind on how you are hiring. In the Portal, you’ll have a E-Verify status beside each employee searched. If there’s an error or ineligible result, you’ll be notified along with instructions on the proper steps to gather more information or how to fix the error.

Benefits of the I-9 Portal Integration

Integrate with Anyone

With advanced APIs built into our Hubworks platform, you can easily deploy an integration with just about any ATS, HRMS, or onboarding system. Once plugged into the system, you’ll be able to complete the I-9 process in real-time.

Improved Workflow

With an integration into the I-9 Portal, clients can continue to use the same ATS workflow but with the added bonus of being able to submit requests to employees for I-9 completion as well as manage documents, and get notifications about expirations. It’s the best way to stay in compliance while continuing to use an existing ATS system.

The Benefits of Data Migration with the I-9 Portal


If you’re like most employers, you have tons of I-9 forms in boxes, folder, or scanned drives. The problem is unless they’ve been through an I-9 compliance system that checks against current employees, chances are you could be out-of-compliance. With the I-9 Portal once your documents have been migrated, you’ll have an automated system that checks for compliance and expirations on a daily basis. This gives you assurance that all documents are current and compliant.


Once you’ve completed the migration and scanned all historical documents, you’ll be in a great place to know your exposure and liability. No longer will you be relying on boxes of I-9 forms to prove compliance. You’ll be able to pull up historical documents and provide them in no time.


After the migration has been completed, the system will create a list and documents for purging will be identified based on date of expiration. You can then work to quickly purge an expired document and immediately reduce risk.

Audit Proof

In case you do get audited, you’ll have all your historical I-9s in a single system, immediately available with all the original forms and signatures. Given that more than 1,000 businesses were asked to provide historical documentation of compliance, this will give any large organization, the right peace of mind.

The Benefits

AWS Cloud

Amazon EC2 works in conjunction with Amazon VPC to provide security and robust networking functionality for our computing resources. Compute instances are located in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with an IP range that we define. We decide which cases are exposed to the Internet, and which remain private.

Data Protection

For additional isolation, we can provision EC2 resources on Dedicated Hosts or as Dedicated Instances. Both options allow us to use EC2 instances in a VPC, on hardware dedicated to a single customer.


Using industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN connections, we will connect existing IT infrastructure to resources in our VPC. Security Groups and network ACLs allow us to control inbound and outbound network access to and from your server instances.

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