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Streamline It

The best way to save real dollars is to make your processes move as efficiently as possible. To do that you need a platform that automates and streamlines workflow. With Verocity, you’ll get powerful administrative tools built to help you quickly automate quality assurance, report grading, report management, compliance, your supply chain, communication and even integrations.

The result is automation so you can spend more time focusing on predictive outcomes instead of endless workarounds. Imagine if you were able to realign resources currently focused on manual entry or repetitive tasks, and put them to work proactively improving your customer support or making sales calls.

Features of Workflow Automation

Quality Assurance

You can’t afford not to have the best quality assurance processes in place. It’s critical to your business. Yet, most quality assurance processes are manual or rely on a team of specialists to carefully go through each report. With Verocity, you’ll have countless ways to streamline your quality assurance workflow and actually improve your return time and overall accuracy. With features like group and client specific QA settings, workflow division, and follow up search ordering, you can customize your client’s requirements as well as create efficient processes for your quality assurance specialists. There is no other solution that has the focus on creating a competitive advantage from a complicated quality assurance process.


We understand the tremendous pressure background check companies face when it comes to compliance. Verocity has all the tools you need to stay ahead of the challenges the industry faces. With features like the electronic form consent builder, where you can customize the wording and format your own consent and forms, to the 613A letter generator, built to automate 6123A letters to be mailed automatically through email or sent manually to automated pre-adverse/adverse action letter generation and mailings, you can rest assured we've got you covered.

Analytics and Reporting

Go beyond standard reports. With Verocity, you will be able to track not only the performance of your business, but the health of your information supply network, employee productivity, as well as create easy to use analytics to show your screening effectiveness to customers. You’ll have a dashboard right at your fingertips to give you a consolidated snapshot of all your critical metrics. Quickly see what’s working, what’s not, then drill down to solve the problem.

Supply Chain

Your information is your supply chain. It is one of the most important pieces of your business. No other platform provides the capabilities to create and manage an information supply chain like deverus.

From configuring multiple researchers in individual counties, to testing, throttling, and analysis, you’ll have so many tools at your fingertips to make sure you are getting quality information at the right price.


Effective communication is key to improving efficiency, turnaround time and customer service. Verocity makes complicated tasks like checking status, disputes, results, and even marketing easier than ever. We’ve designed advanced communication tools that let your clients get updated directly by email, text or inside their HR module. Also, using Swifthire, we allow communication with the applicant so that you get updated information faster without bothering HR. Your new platform will be feature-rich in providing the most advanced tools for making sure everyone stays informed.

Make it simple, make it useful

User experience is an extremely important yet overlooked component of good design. And design is evolving rapidly where technology no longer determines design, today it’s the opposite, design drives technology. This matters to you because good design now is a baseline for usability, engagement, efficiency and even output. If you are not going to provide your customers with a great user experience, someone else will.

And whether it’s candidates, HR, or even your employees, at the core of Verocity is a deep understanding of the interaction between the user and technology. To achieve this we start with a lean and iterative design process, then we focus on getting user-centric feedback that drives the design. Next we use agile development methodologies and employ rapid, multi-iterative prototyping. In addition, we create product roadmaps that reflect the market and customer feedback. The result is you can rest assured you have some of the best user experience in the Industry.

Benefits of Great User Experience

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The better experience you create for your customers, the happier they will be. And the opposite is also true: the worse experience you provide to your customers they will become more and more frustrated with what you are providing them... And they will be far less likely to recommend you. And dissatisfied customers call to complain, which means when you provide a good experience you are able to make customers happy and be more productive.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

If your background check technology is easy to use, easy to learn, you will have to support that product less. Good design also reduces your total "cost of ownership", in that you will need less documentation, a smaller support staff, and less salespeople.

Increased Sales

Having the best user experience means you’ll be one up on the competition. Hr will like using your products and they will tell their friends. When you go up against other companies in RFPs, your platform will look the best, work the best, be easier to use, all this translates into more sales.


Think it about it, if you are a platform that does what it says it does easily, you are helping HR achieve their desired needs in the least amount of time. This is a good reason not to go somewhere else. All their needs are met. If your customers love using your product, they will be less likely to go somewhere else. So a good user experience certainly increases brand loyalty.

Your brand in their pocket

If you are a serious background check company, you need a serious mobile strategy. Today 44% of job seekers search only from a mobile device and employers can’t afford to lose the best applicants before they’ve even finished the background check process. But studies show that 57% of applicants drop out if the process is longer than 10 minutes.

This is your chance to shine. With a quick and simple mobile solution you can help HR dramatically speed up their hiring process. With your new mobile recruiting solution, candidates will be able to easily sign on, consent, fill out the right information, check status, dispute records, request a copy, and more. It’s a hiring solution that will make you look smarter.

Features of mobile

Mobile Ready

Your mobile capabilities are made for the applicant. Everything about it says this is simple, fast, let’s get this done. The result is now applicants get fill out their information anytime. This dramatically reduces speed to hire because they can do at lunch, on their way home, or when they have a break.

Theming and Branding

When everyone these days are looking the same, with your mobile solution, you can finally differentiate your brand from the rest of the companies in the market. No more of the same bland software used by every other background check company.

You’ll have the ability to match your customer’s colors, upload their logo and even choose different themes that give a different feel based on specific markets. It’s time for you to take control of your brand and stand out!

Electronic Consent

With your new e-signature capabilities, a whole new world beyond paper will emerge. Using standard or wet technology, once the signature is captured, you’ll have immediate digital archives of signed copies and an audit trail available. What’s more, it just speeds up the process and makes it easier to get the information you need to get the background check completed.

Applicant Portal

Give candidates a peace of mind and streamline your process. By creating an account, applicants can check status, get a copy of results, upload documents, fill in missing information, dispute records, and share or download their background checks.

For background check companies this is important because HR wants to improve the candidate experience and what better way than providing transparency and connection with the background check experience. When there’s a record, the background check can communicate the necessary steps and when there’s a dispute, it can take place quickly and efficiently. It’s a perfect union between the public’s right to know and the candidate's right to privacy.

The Cloud

Employing a cloud environment enables deverus to manage costs more predictably, increase availability to advanced technology, rapidly access resources, and to mitigate data management risks.

deverus uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, providing partners with a cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure, which emphasizes business agility, scalability, customization, and best-in-class security. The scale, vast resources, and scrutiny placed on the AWS environment have resulted in an infrastructure that is more secure than a traditional in-house network or “internal cloud”. Our cloud environment enables us to ensure that all technology is scalable, and that all data of your data is secure.

Benefits of Using the Cloud


AWS allows deverus to increase platform speed by running clusters of CPU servers on demand. This enhanced speed allows your organization to scale out across hundreds of processors when the need arises. There is no longer a need to leave your potential for success and growth to chance and circumstance. We can fine tune performance based on your actual workload, benchmarking that data so that you are always running optimally when usage spikes occur.

With the cloud, you can improve productivity for you and your team with an integrated system that tracks it all. deverus will help you effortlessly track and manage job listings, candidate data, and background checks for efficient speed to hire. deverus has paved the road for smarter hiring: easy collaboration, streamlined processes, mobile application screening, and background checks.


When it comes to identifying how many servers you need to run your infrastructure, you shouldn't leave it to guesswork or predictive analysis. Using AWS, we leverage auto-scaling to build a self-managing infrastructure aligned closely to your actual organizational demands, based on traffic, resources utilization, and real-time needs. Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) allows us to spin-up clones in multiple regions for different environments within minutes. Our streamlined system eliminates the need to repeat initial set-up steps, and eliminates the need to purchase new servers down the road to meet demand. What once took days, now takes minutes!


You deserve the best, so we provide it! At deverus, we want to extend the highest caliber of security and performance for our clients. One of the main reasons we partner with AWS is due to their solid reputation as having the highest reliability rating of any cloud service in the market. It offers an extremely reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. This reputable service runs within Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers. In fact, AWS is so reliable that we are committed to a 99.95% uptime!


Amazon EC2 works in conjunction with Amazon VPC to provide security and robust networking functionality for our computing resources.

  • Compute instances are located in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with an IP range that we define. We decide which cases are exposed to the Internet, and which remain private.
  • Security Groups and networks ACLs allow us to control inbound and outbound network access to and from your server instances.
  • Using industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN connections, we will connect existing IT infrastructure to resources in our VPC.
  • For additional isolation, we can provision EC2 resources on Dedicated Hosts or as Dedicated Instances. Both options allow us to use EC2 instances in a VPC, on hardware dedicated to a single customer.

Break the bottlenecks

If you want to shine in the eyes of HR, improve their speed to hire. There is a premium on talent these days and for every day a position is not filled the company is losing money. Unfortunately for background check companies, most of the bottlenecks are with our process. We normally require additional information and a search can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days, depending on location and scope of research.

Using Verocity, you can dramatically increase speed to hire by using Swifthire’s mobile recruiting capabilities. This puts the application in the candidate's hand and makes filling out the additional information a snap. Verocity’s advanced automation workflow, allows you to tap your information supply chain quickly, get results, apply quality assurance and report grading, then get the right information back fast so they can make quick hiring decisions.

How Verocity Increases Speed to Hire

Dynamic Ordering

With Verocity’s dynamic ordering, you set the packages, ordering parameters, and process, then let the system and HR do the rest. It’s an easy to use system that takes out so much of the guesswork, so ordering can be done quick, smoothly, and without any errors. The result is a streamlined workflow that gets information to your research network faster so you can get back the results.


Different from the days when the candidate had to fill out an application onsite or even from a computer, with mobile you dramatically increase speed to hire because the candidate can fill out the application anytime, anywhere. The result is faster entry and less errors. It also helps when you have an applicant portal where candidates can add additional information like DOB’s or even dispute records. This direct communication allows the right information to get in the right hands without the usual hassles.

Efficient Supply Chain

Few things can improve speed to hire like getting the right results back as fast as possible. With an efficient supply chain, the platform to manage it and the right providers, information just flows. Verocity is built to help you improve return time, accuracy, and even drive down costs. With features like round robin selection, load balancing and global configurations, you’ll be certain to get the right information back fast.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

Let’s face it, a lot of the problems that challenge our overall speed to hire metrics are those results that have problems. That’s why a great quality assurance process that efficiently flags problem information, routes it to the proper resolution, communicates effectively to the appropriate channels, gathers information and then gets results, can dramatically reduce return time. With Verocity you’ll have robust quality assurance features that allow you to create configurations globally or per customer as well as the ability to manage the workflow with multiples resources. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of those challenging results that can really drag down return times.

Candidate Satisfaction

This is a hot topic in recruiting today. HR knows that a candidate’s experience going through the hiring process not only reflects what they will say on social media, but it’s also a reflection of how they view the internal workings of the company itself. Satisfied candidates ensures a smooth onboarding process and it also entices new employees to speak highly of the company and encourages referrals. This is should be good news for background check companies because they can play a crucial role in what the candidate experiences.

With Verocity we give you tools to simplify information gathering and make the process as transparent as possible. With Swifthire and the applicant portal, they’ll receive a mobile ready application process and then be able to track the status, add additional information or make a dispute claim. The result is a piece of mind for the candidate that they know whose handling their information and a chance to see the process in action.

How we help you improve candidate satisfaction

Great Design

Clarity and Simplicity are essential elements of good design. deverus has invested a tremendous amount of time and resources to great design because we believe it will be a competitive advantage for our customers today and more so in the future. So you can rest assured that your mobile experience will have the best straightforward interfaces to help you stay fresh and relevant in the eyes of candidates.


Let’s face it, the background check process has been a black hole to the candidate. They give up information and wait for some mysterious process to come back that will clear them for a job they want. With Verocity and Swifthire you can actually give them more visibility than ever. They can create an account, log into their portal and check the status, view results, add information and dispute results. Also, on the surface this may seem an extra burden, in the end it giving candidates visibility also gives them trust and helps reduce friction if there are discrepancies. This results in overall candidate satisfaction and can make HR and the candidate feel good about the process.


Creating compelling, easy to use design and process is one of the best ways to engage a candidate. If they receive information to do a background check and the messaging, branding, and process is inviting and simple, studies show they are much more likely to engage and get it done. With Verocity we’ve made the process appealing and easy by creating custom emails that are more personable along with your client’s branding and simple steps to complete it along with the applicant portal that makes them feel like they want to know more and you have the answers.


Keeping the candidate informed throughout the process is key to candidate satisfaction. If they know who’s doing the background check and get updates on the process, they’ll experience transparency and feel an overall sense of connection to the company. It’s the first steps for establishing trust between your company and the candidate. Your new platform will let them know it’s you doing the background check, keep the candidate updated with the status, and let them log in to view and share results.

Time Reduction

When you can send a link or text to a candidate and get them to fill out an application on the spot, you are reducing the amount of time it takes to complete a background check. And when you can shorten the time it takes to fill out the information to less than 5 minutes, you dramatically reducing input fatigue and making it much more likely for candidates to complete the information. Your new mobile capability was built on these principles and we’ve worked feverishly to shorten the time to 5 minutes and we are exploring new ways to do it in even less time.

Big Data

Get the insights you need. Where and when you need them. Being able to easily monitor and manage your background screening program is no longer a nice to have. It's a must have. With timely, insightful analytics and intelligence, you can make smarter, more strategic HR decisions and gain confidence that you're hiring the most qualified and vetted candidates, faster and more efficiently.

Your platform has a comprehensive set of program reports & analytics to help you more easily monitor and manage your program. You can view and download your own reports any time and get real-time data within seconds.

Benefits of Advanced Analytics

Screening Effectiveness

With your new screening effectiveness tools, you’ll be able to dial in on speed-to-completion, hit ratios, cost benefits, information supply chain statistics and more. With your dashboard, you’ll have the freedom to explore all the data, create charts, and reports and give the HR these insights to show how well their screening program is really doing.

Rich, Up-To-Date Data

Unlock the power of all the data you have to give insights on candidates based on demographics such a geography, positions, age, and other profiles. The result is a clearer understanding of how results from background checks can be a predictor for performance and reliability. The best thing is it’s in real time so you'll be able to offer data that allows for quick and accurate decisions.

Analytics as a Profit Center

You have a ton of data that’s valuable to HR. You can show screening effectiveness, report demographics, applicant type costs, and more. Use your data to provide a revenue generating asset.

Make the perfect connection

t's time to say yes! With more integrations than any other platform on the market, you’ll be able to say yes to new business and expanded profitability. With Hubworks you can get it done.

Integrations between background screening providers and applicant tracking systems are our specialty. By translating the formats and protocols of the individual providers into a standard format, deverus makes the integration of your systems seamlessly possible, painless, and cost-effective. Our fully integrated applicant solutions are especially designed to fit your company’s demands. Regardless of the size of your organization, together we will promptly fill jobs by proficiently posting open positions, screening candidates, and reporting on applicant progress.

Benefits of Integrations

Say Yes!

With deverus, you can finally say yes to new business opportunities. The deverus platform allows you to offer the integrations more and more clients are asking for, while simultaneously satisfying the integration needs of your largest and most demanding clients. Now is the time to say yes to your client and yes to your organizational success!

No Heavy Lifting

deverus comes pre-integrated with some of the most used applicant tracking systems in the market. Subsequently, this reduces the time it takes to connect new clients to a fraction of the time it would take to complete a new integration. With zero programming responsibility assigned to the client, the only requirements for the client are to help run applicants through the system during the initial testing phases.


deverus is compliant with all standards and best practices of the Human Resources Information Systems Industry. Each aspect of the system has been rigorously vetted by seasoned IT security professionals, ensuring that any and all private data handled by the hub remains private and secure.

Logged and Loaded

deverus’ dependency-free logs are more than just a series of records. Instead, you gain access to a robust logging application to find and fix errors on the spot, reprocess problematic messages, select what information is logged, and much more!

Enhanced Customer Support with the "WOW" Factor

As your business evolves over time, so will your needs. No matter what comes your way, at deverus we are trained to expect the unexpected. We accept nothing less than 110% and will ensure the same for your organization. The deverus customer service strategy is based on "wowing” our clients in all the best possible ways. We want our clients to walk away saying, “Wow, they did that for me!” From the moment we join forces, we are dedicated to helping your business experience growth in profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction. At the end of the day, it's more than meeting your expectations. At deverus, we strive to exceed your expectations!

Features of the Best Support

User Success

We call it user success instead of customer support because whether it’s your employees, hiring managers, or applicants, we feel a deep responsibility to make sure your technology is performing according to your needs.

User Advocates

Our business model is customer centric. We know in order to be successful we need to be skilled in the art of what’s best for you. That’s why we created our user advocacy team. They thrive on working with you to come up with solutions that improve your bottom line, support your customers, and grow your company. Their goals are tied to your goals.

In-Depth Online Resources

Our support portal is full of online resources, videos, a robust knowledge base and tutorials built to guide you step by step through using your system and troubleshooting issues. But we don’t rest on just online support, we also have the best people in place ready to answer your questions by phone, chat, email or ticket system.

24/7 Support

Our expertly trained support team is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems 24/7 via our ticket system. Historically, during office hours, we answer all calls well under two minutes, and nearly 90% of issues are resolved on the first call.

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We looked at a lot of platforms and were delighted to see a platform like deverus so ahead of the competition with mobile and workflow management. It’s true enterprise level platform. The rest don’t even come closeJoe Degenhart

These could be your numbers

On average, background check companies employing the deverus platform have experienced 20% year over year growth. That’s nearly 2X the industry average!

A scalable, powerful, highly configurable platform, allows you to perform workflow functions ten times faster than traditional screening systems. Faster performance means faster growth, increased productivity, and larger profits.

Never lose business to downtime again. Our enterprise cloud-based architecture ensures 99.99% uptime so you’re always open for business.

Our platform features unmatched automation and configuration, ensuring that the right information gets in the right hands faster.

It’s high time you stopped relying on developers to make costly changes. Save time and resources with a platform that’s designed with you in mind. Business happens in real time. A highly configurable platform lets you make critical workflow changes on the fly.