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What more can we say, it’s mobile!

Swifthire was made for the applicant and mobility. Everything about it says this is simple, fast - let’s get this done. The result is now applicants can fill in their personal details anytime, anywhere. This dramatically increases speed to hire because they can do it at lunch, on their way home, or when they have a break.

Benefits of Mobile

Faster Speed to Hire

You can dramatically increase speed to hire by using Swifthire’s mobile recruiting capabilities. This puts the application in the candidate's hand and makes filling out the additional information a snap. Verocity’s advanced automation workflow, allows you to tap your information supply chain quickly, get results, apply quality assurance and report grading, then getting the right information back fast so they can make quick hiring decisions.

Improved Completion Rates

If you don’t have the right mobile experience, the likelihood of the candidate completing the application is dramatically reduced. To do this you have to strike a balance between disclosure, privacy, and ease of use. With thorough research and countless user case studies, Swifthire was built to dramatically reduce information input time and increase completion rates.

Better Branding

With 60% of applicants using mobile devices to search jobs, fill out applications and complete much of the hiring process, having a strong mobile solution means you stay front and center in the process. Using Swithire you’ll be able to brand notices, text, and more importantly the mobile background check experience. Showing not only the candidate but also HR your brand is up to improving the overall background check experience.

Increased Sales

The trend is towards mobile recruiting. There’s no doubt about it. Those background check companies that embrace this trend and even offer HR the mobile capabilities that take advantage of this trend will see themselves moving ahead of the competition. With Swifthire you are just getting started with providing HR cutting edge mobile background check tools. The evolution of Swifthire will be to continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Your sales will increase significantly.

Sign it anywhere

With your new e-signature capabilities, a whole new world beyond paper will emerge. Using standard or wet technology, once the signature is captured, you’ll have immediate digital archives of signed copies and an audit trail available. What’s more, it just speeds up the process and makes it easier to get the information you need to get the background check completed.

Features of Electronic Consent

Electronic Signatures

Swifthire comes with some of the most sophisticated digital signature technology available. It includes a certificate of authority to ensure validity as well as a wet signature to capture the signers’ personal signature. It also includes cryptography to ensure security and peace of mind.

Compliance Disclosures

Having the right language on your digital consent disclosures is very important. With Swifthire you can use a standard FCRA disclosure agreement or upload your own. The important thing is whichever you choose, it will be properly displayed and the applicant is not allowed to proceed until they’ve agreed and consented to the terms before moving to the background check process.


Some people are reluctant to use e-signatures because they think they are not as legal as handwritten, but they actually are. This is especially the case when you use audit logs and certificates of completion. Swifthire uses comprehensive audit trail procedures including digital certification, user authentication, signature completion, and opt outs. So at anytime there’s a controversy, you'll have the trail to know who signed what and when.

Look Different

When everyone these days is looking the same, with Swifthire, you can finally differentiate your brand from the rest of the companies in the market. No more of the same bland software used by every other background check company.

You’ll have the ability to match your customer’s colors, upload their logo and even choose different themes that give a different feel based on specific markets. It’s time for you to take control of your brand and stand out!

Features of Theming and Branding

Client Branding

In a world where all background check companies look the same, with Swifthire, you and your customers will be able to stand out by using their own logo, colors, and general styles. The app is built to incorporate the company branding. This gives the candidates their first taste of the brand and how well they can connect using technology and great design.

Custom Themes

Another way Swifthire helps you stand out is through custom themes. With our customization capabilities you’ll be able to do things like add a custom hi-res background image, change colors, and even choose completely different themes based on industry or client type. It's the best way to show your clients you have the flexibility to meet their mobile needs both in functionality and user experience.

Dynamic Forms

Requesting the right information for a background check so the candidate fills out what’s needed is a complicated process. With Swithire you’ll be able to create custom packages on the backend based on job position and the app will dynamically change the forms to request the necessary information. This ensures you are not wasting the candidates' time and reduces the tendency for errors.

Error Handling

One of the biggest drawbacks of putting the responsibility of filling out information onto the candidates is normal data input is error prone. This can cause delays for getting the right information. With Swifthire you'll get the tools to create required fields with intuitive error handling call outs. The result is the right information the first time.

Candidate Peace of Mind

Give candidates a peace of mind and streamline your process. By creating an account, applicants can check status, get a copy of results, upload documents, fill in missing information, dispute records, and share or download their background checks.

For background check companies this is important because HR wants to improve the candidate experience and what better way than providing transparency and connection with the background check experience. When there’s a record, the background check can communicate the necessary steps and when there’s a dispute, it can take place quickly and efficiently. It’s a perfect union between the public’s right to know and the candidate's right to privacy.

Features of the Applicant Portal

Status Checking

In the past when the candidate agreed to a background check the information went into a black hole until they learned whether they were hired. With status checking the candidate can now go into the portal and see where they are in the process. They can also receive updates and get notified when results are returned. This gives the candidate knowledge and a sense of being a part of the process.

Additional Information

Sometimes in the process, more information like dob, reference names, or dates, etc. is needed. Traditionally this has been a bottleneck because a back and forth begins between the candidate, hr, the background check company and the information source. With Swifthire and pre-configured data requests, the information provider can actually send requests straight to the applicant requesting the required information. This dramatically reduces the back and forth, improves communication and ensures a faster return time.


Swifthire’s applicant portal provides candidates with an account to view, download and share results. This is important because the candidate now has visibility on what’s reported. This gives them a sense of transparency and ownership of their data.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes happen. It’s an important part of ensuring FCRA guidelines are followed and the applicant rightfully has a chance to dispute incorrect information that could prohibit being hired. With Swifthire, if the record is not accurate, the candidate has the ability to file a dispute and sends the appropriate information to the background check company for further investigation. A dialogue begins that allows the background check company and the candidate to collaborate in resolving the issue.

Notification of Rights

An important component of FCRA laws is the notification of the candidates rights. With Swifthire there’s a clear pathway for the candidate to understand their rights under the laws. This gives them a better understanding of the process and their rights, as well as establishes trust in the process based on disclosure and transparency.

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Everyone has gone through the hiring process and it’s not fun. Using this app is really fast and easy. I did it in just a few minutes and then it showed me rights. That is amazing.Amy Waller
Applicant, Boulder, Colorado

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