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Get integrations done in days not weeks. Integrations between background screening providers and applicant tracking systems are our specialty. By translating the formats and protocols of the individual providers into a standard format, deverus makes the integration of your platform seamlessly possible, painless, and cost-effective.

ATS are now your Partners

deverus is pre-integrated with some of the most used applicant tracking systems in the industry, making the time required to connect new clients a fraction of a new integration. There is very limited, to no, programming responsibilities assigned to the client in the implementation process. The main requirement of the client is helping run applicants through the system during the testing phases.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

High Availability

Because deverus’ integration engine is based on the AWS Cloud, you can expect scalability and availability when you need it. AWS is backed by the power and security of Amazon, providing the highest caliber in security and performance

Connect to Anything

deverus supports a wide number of transfer protocols to ensure you can connect to any system (LLP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, Web Services (SOAP, RESTful), Database, File system, TCP/IP, etc.).

Logged and Loaded

deverus’ dependency-free logs are more than just a series of records. Instead, you gain access to a robust logging application to find and fix errors on the spot, reprocess problematic messages, select what information is logged, and much more!

High Standards

We use HR open standards to simplify the development process, allowing other systems to integrate easily with the deverus platform.

The fast way to improve accuracy and turn-around time

The deverus integration platform lets you connect to numerous pre-integrated providers to deliver data quicker, with more accuracy, and less hassle. We partner with some of the best information providers in the industry. They offer everything from criminal records, education verifications, drug and assessment testing, to employment history and civil and federal records.


Improve Workflow

When you use an integrated information provider, requests will go straight to the providers along with any status updates, requests for more information, notes, etc. You’ll also the results delivered right into your platform. And based on your custom quality assurance settings, those results can go to QA or directly to your clients.

Improve Accuracy

With less people touching requests and results, you can count on improved accuracy. There’s just less room for human error. What’s more is these information providers are trained to do what they do best--get the right information fast. This allows you to focus more on sales and administration instead of entering requests or results.

Reduce Return Time

The best thing about using an integrated information provider is the quick return time. It’s faster, much faster. Once the order is entered it goes straight to the providers and depending on the search type, sometimes is returned in minutes, not hours. Automation and integration means faster return times.

It’s Top Shelf

We take our integrations seriously. If you are tired of asking “where are we at on the integration?”, then we are right for you. We have a proactive integration coordinator and product partner as well as a dedicated development team to make sure you stay on top of your integrations.


Project Coordinator

Our Hubworks project coordinator's job is to act as a liaison between you and the ATS. They gather requirements, set expectations, and make sure all projects for connection are implemented on time without any hassle for you.

In-Depth Online Resources

Our support portal is full of online resources, videos, a robust knowledge base and tutorials built to guide you through step by step using your system and troubleshooting issues. But we don’t rest on just online support, we also have the best people in place ready to answer your questions by phone, chat, email or ticket system.

24/7 Support

Our expertly trained support team is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems 24/7 via our ticket system. Historically, during office hours, we answer all calls well under two minutes, and nearly 90% of issues are resolved on the first call.

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