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Instant criminal information has become an indispensable tool for background check companies because it allows them to search so many more possible jurisdictions and locations than standard county searches. The result is a more accurate and comprehensive background check every time. We are proud to be able to offer deverus Direct to the marketplace.

Key Information Supplied

Past Address Traces

With deverus Direct you’ll have access to the most comprehensive past address history on the market. We draw from various sources to get the most accurate and up-to-date on candidate addresses across the country.

Instant Criminal

deverus Directs’ multi-jurisdictional searches draw from courthouses, state and federal records, arrest data, wants and warrants and other information to provide the most up-to-date, precise criminal search available today.

National Sex Offender

You’ll find deverus Directs’ sex offender sources comprehensively covering all 50 states and its territories. It’s the first line of defense in helping to create a safe workplace and volunteer environment.

Terrorist Watch List

The terrorist watch list is made up of hundreds of reciprocal, exclusion and most wanted sources from the Federal Government and abroad.

Plug and Play

Have your own platform? No problem. We offer easy to use APIs together with some of the best pricing in the industry. The combination makes a compelling reason for anyone to switch providers.

Benefit of Integrations


When you use an integration with deverus Direct, you can count as many servers you need to run unlimited searches. We leverage auto-scaling to build self-managing infrastructure to make sure there’s no bottlenecks in the information flow. We currently process more than 1M monthly so we know our technology and resources can handle the load and make sure you stay up and running.

Reduce Costs

When you let us take control of your data, you can focus on results. We provide the backbone and information through the API and you only pay for the data. This dramatically reduces storage costs, up-time problems and other management fees normally incurred with housing the data.

The Cloud

All of our data is hosted on Amazon Web Services cloud platform. This ensures you get the best up-time, data security, and performance.

Have it your way

deverus Direct gives users the ability to customize configurations based on different matches, exclusions or filters. It’s the best in flexibility while making sure the right results are used for the right purposes.

Types of Configurations Offered

Exact DOB and Name

With exact DOB and name matching you get all results that exclude name only sources including sex offenders and other sources. The result is more accurate results and less false positives.

DOB Progression

With DOB progression you get a more detailed configurations where using full DOBs you can do an exact match. If the records have partial DOBs there’s a match in the following order: Year and Month, Year Only, Month and Day. The result is the best match for records with common names.

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We rely on deverus Direct to deliver the most up-to-date criminal and sex offender information to make sure that we bring on safe volunteers on our volunteer networkTom Ellis
Volunteer Safety Council

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