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Shawn Rucks

Shawn Rucks

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 15:57

Why CRAs Need to be on AWS

CRAs are a key piece of the hiring process for many companies. Losing time to hardware outages or system crashes is unacceptable. People are waiting to get hired, and recruiting managers need constant support from their CRA to ensure the right person find the right job. Background checks are a crucial part of the hiring process, and no one can afford to wait for slow results or lost time due to poor IT infrastructure. AWS can improve the responsiveness and reliability of any CRA’s service offering.

Amazon is one of the largest web companies in the world, and it takes a lot of IT infrastructure to keep the lights on at the world’s biggest store. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing provider run by Amazon to earn an income from the tech giant’s idling resource pool. Sharing its computing power, storage, and other IT resources allows Amazon to serve some of the largest companies in the world. Amazon, Reddit, GE, and Unilever rely on AWS to provide immense technological resources including storage, processing power, networking, analytics, and a host of other IT services.

What does this all have to do with consumer reporting agents? AWS is an attractive resource for businesses that need on-demand services and reliable uptime to fulfill their obligations without breaking the bank. Overspending on hardware is a luxury few businesses can afford, but excess capacity is crucial during certain peaks, seasons, or events. Preserving precious resources without losing functionality is an important goal to stay competitive as a CRA.

Amazon is an experienced and innovative cloud computing provider, and AWS is the market leader when it comes to web services for corporations. Aside from scalable resources, Amazon also provides analytics, design help, security, and flexibility for IT directors and executives. Moving your CRA’s tech functions only is a smart move that ensures maximum security, continuity, and performance when you need it most. A scalable web service means you have what you need to get the job done without wasting precious resources on overbuilt IT infrastructure. On-demand web services from AWS are a great way to stretch your IT spending without losing capabilities or uptime.

Each client is different, and it’s important to match the needs of the job with the profitability expected from the investors or owners. Using IT infrastructure efficiently is an important piece of the puzzle. AWS can help CRAs manage their tech resources to limit expensive overhead without losing IT capabilities when they are needed. AWS offers a wide range of corporate services for CRAs including storage, processing power, database management, mobile application support, detailed analytics, developer tools, and many more.

As you add new services to your suite of CRA solutions, it’s important to set up the IT backbone to support your goals and meet the needs of your clients. With AWS, you can scale up and downsize your requirements as they evolve, minute-by-minute. Most of the service packages from Amazon’s web services division are set up to be “pay by usage.” It’s easy to match your revenues and expenses to ensure your profitability on each job, no matter what the requirements may be. Amazon offers a wide range of cloud computing solutions for CRA businesses – complete with admin support, security, risk management, analytics, and many other services.

Thursday, 01 February 2018 00:00

How to Win with ATS Partnerships

Applicant tracking systems are the cornerstone of the modern recruiting process. A centralized and standardized hiring platform offers benefits to human resource and executive personnel who own the hiring decision. Most large CRAs have teams focused on created relationships with almost every ATS. If you want to survive in the next few years, you must have a successful strategy for creating lasting partnerships with applicant tracking systems.

Winning with ATS partnerships is a simple process. It’s all about building the right ecosystem to improve your hiring process. Finding the right candidates and onboarding them effectively is a key function of the human resource and executive teams. ATS systems with third-party integrations are a crucial piece of the hiring puzzle today. Each individual partner or integration can unlock new potential with a high degree of industry and situational specificity. Certain platforms and ATS integrations work better for some industries and different types of professionals. Each partnership offers different capabilities and strengths, allowing hiring managers to fine-tune the search, hire, and onboard processes.

Whether it’s simply billing contractors or end-to-end hiring solutions, ATS partnerships can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the hiring process. Many of the top software and HR technology firms offer ATS integrations, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest news for your platform. Small firms and Fortune 500 companies can benefit from the possibilities and new capabilities available from the leading ATS partnerships.

From hiring to interviewing to vetting to onboarding, there are ATS partnerships available for every company in every industry. To get the most out of a recruiting unit, there are workflow tools and ATS integrations to increase productivity. There are automated recruitment management tools to help with job boards postings, email hiring, and background checks. The sky's the limit when it comes to ATS partnerships. From the back office to the front line, ATS partnerships make it easy to win the battle for the best candidates. Partner integrations and cross-functional ATS platforms help recruiters and candidates connect in the modern labor market. In a complex world, it takes an integrated approach to drive the best results for the recruiting channel. ATS partnerships make it easy to succeed in the battle for talent and career opportunities.

deverus’ new Integration Manager (IM) evens the playing field for small and mid-sized background check companies to quickly integrate to ATSs. Once integrated you have the transparency and oversight into the process. Call us today to see how the IM can help you create lasting partnerships with ATSs.

Friday, 26 January 2018 00:00

Five goals for CRA's in 2018

With the new year just beginning, it is about time CRAs take a look forward and start making some goals for 2018. It’s time to be different or perish. With the job market thriving, new technology capabilities and potential for innovation, never before have CRAs had so much opportunities to set themselves on a growth trajectory to truly get ahead of the competition and realize your revenue dreams. That said, never has there been more competition, homogeny, commoditization, and pricing pressures. With that in mind, here are five goals that every CRA should have for 2018 to really set you apart.

1. Differentiate

Let’s face it. Today when it comes to differentiation 900 CRAs say the same thing after asking what sets them apart. (1) We have the best customer service, (2) We do compliance better than anyone, (3) We have the best technology, (4) Accuracy (5) Turnaround.

Really??!! Most of you are utilizing one of five third party platforms, you get information from the same wholesale company, and great customer service is getting back to someone ASAP about why something is late. HR hears the same thing from every CRA so how are you really any different?

To be different, you must truly offer something different. That’s where technology does play a big part. Being able to offer innovative solutions like mobile, voice, facial recognition and anything that looks different does help. This is where I plug deverus. Just go to and look at what we are doing in the realm of mobile, voice and integrations. It’s real innovation that will set you apart!

2. Simplify

OMG! When we onboard new CRAs we are absolutely mystified by the amount of unique configurations, customizations, and packages, in short the complexity created to basically do the same thing the 900 other background check companies are doing. My advice, simplify your offering. Stop promising so much and focus on what matters to HR. Namely, you are a painful and costly checkbox. Make it easy for them to check the box. Take a page from Sterling’s playbook, offer fewer packages and offer it at an affordable price backed by innovative technology.

3. Improve Marketing

Basically, you guys are horrible at marketing. 900 background check companies all look the same, do the same thing, and look bad doing it. Only a few companies like Goodhire, Checkr, Accurate Background and Orange Tree look like credible companies offering something that HR wants to buy. Scaring HR by all the complexities with compliance and liability is only going to get you so far. Again, everyone is saying the same thing. To improve your marketing you need to position yourself as a technology company and offer cutting edge solutions that’s going to improve the candidate experience and offer solutions HR don’t even know they need yet. You can use the new media outlets like Twitter and Linkedin to demonstrate you are different. Become a thought leader in the candidate experience, automation, background artificial intelligence, not compliance. Compliance, although critical, is Yesterday’s topic where every other background check company is an expert. Get away from being a service company and position yourself as a cutting edge background check company launch new products and features quarterly to stay out in front of your competition.

4. Invest in Sales

When I ask almost every background check company, “What’s your sales process?” I’m amazed at the response. “We answer RFPs, we focus on ATS partnerships, we target certain segments.” then they ask, “ By the way do you know any good sales people in the industry?” Really??!! You want someone in this industry? Most of the sales people in the background check industry are the best at selling. They got lucky riding on a growth industry but don’t know how to probe and ask questions to come up with a solution that fits the client’s needs without creating complexity and competing on price to save their life. I recommend you find someone who’s sold to HR, knows Saas, and can do real solution selling. We have a customer growing at 30%, currently North of $40M and who does not sell on price and looks for salespeople outside of the industry but know how to sell to a C Suite by asking the right questions and getting meetings with the right people. That’s how you sell. But to do that, you must invest in top notch closers, not “has beens” in the background check industry. Lame.

5. Integrate

Oh yes. Integrate. The ATS invasion has been the achilleas hill of our industry. In the past 10 years they’ve disrupted your relationship with HR. They’ve inserted themselves between you and your customer by offering a slick interface and a lot more services. Why didn’t we think of that? Now to get any sizeable client you must integrate to an ATS and offer revenue share and still risk getting replaced if a better offer comes along. And it’s only going to get worse. Your best bet is to create close connections with these ungrateful partners and hope that you can bring them enough business they don’t feel the burning need to open their client base up to more customers. Good luck. So what are you going to do? Invest in relationships. Pay them to send you business. Invest in technology, (hint: deveru’s Integration Manager) that allows you to integrate quickly, manages those integrations and have transparency, analytics, and oversight into every applicant that runs through your integrations.

I wish the goals for CRAs for 2018 were a bit easier. But this is business, a competitive landscape, always the case where’s there’s profit to be had, and you need to think different, invest differently and execute differently if you are going to take advantage of the economic conditions as well as the new technology surfacing poised to disrupt the industry. We know we can help with the innovation and technology side, which is a huge part of the puzzle so give us a call.

Any HR manager will tell you that tracking your applicants and following them through the hiring process can be difficult at the best of times. If background checks, drug testing, or other employee verification tools are required, it becomes even harder.

When background check companies offer full integration, staying on top of the applicant process is much easier for HR managers and hiring directors.

Work within Existing Systems

Background checks are a key piece of the hiring puzzle, but can hold up the process if information isn’t delivered efficiently. As companies perform essential checks into the history of candidates, they use sophisticated software packages and tools to manage their workflow.

These Fortune 500 companies and other large companies rely on those processes to conduct background checks smoothly and efficiently. It is why, in order to win contracts from these top employers, you must be able to work within their existing systems.

It’s why deverus offers the Integration Manager, an integrations game changer. With the Integration Manager, you will be pre-integrated with some of the most used applicant tracking systems in the industry, making the time required to connect new clients a fraction of a new integration.

Get the Edge Over Competition

Applicant tracking systems offer a lot of functionality and organization when managing the hiring process for hundreds of people at a time, from resume submission all the way through to the onboarding exercises.

At some point during this lengthy process, HR managers often need to perform background checks and drug testing. If your bid for these services includes easy integration into their existing tracking systems, you’ll have a big leg up over the competition.

Invest in the future now so you aren’t left behind as other companies step in to provide the high level of service that clients demand.

How Integration Tools Help Your Bottom Line

Considering the pace of recruitment and the challenges of HR in a large organization, background check companies have a huge opportunity if they offer better service with more seamless integration.

By investing in integration tools, you offer a superior experience for your clients because they won’t have to input a significant volume of data upon onboarding. Background check companies that take the lead and look to the future of HR and recruitment will benefit from adopting an integrated approach before it becomes the industry standard.

Enterprise Integrations at your Fingertips

deverus introduces the Integration Manager (IM). It’s a revolution in integrations for background check companies. Our vision has always been to make integrations so easy you can do it. With IM, that vision is a reality.

Say hello to enterprise level technology simplified to help you create and manage integrations. (IM) is the industry’s only automated integration platform that allows everyday users the ability to point and click to create, configure, manage, monitor, and control integrations.

Monday, 15 January 2018 15:13

6 Benefits of an Integrated ATS

More than 600,000 jobs have been filled so far this year in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The average job posting receives 250 applications, meaning so far employers have sorted through 150 million resumes (hopefully) tailored to their job postings. That’s a lot of HR work, time and money.

Most large organizations and a quickly growing number of small and mid-sized businesses are turning to an application tracking system (ATS) to manage this volume and protect their business by following proper hiring procedures. These platforms allow for quick sorting, management and selection that still follows all state, federal and local laws and guidelines. You get an easier process that is better for business and reduces the likelihood of being fined or sued.

To further the benefits gained through an ATS, we recommend adopting a platform that integrates with the other elements of hiring, in particular background screening and job posting services. By integrating your platform, you’ll see major gains in reducing the amount of time and work your HR professionals need for each job posting and the amount of money you spend on the hiring process.

Part of a successful integration is a streamlined process that allows you to implement your ATS alongside or within other systems. At deverus, we’ve made this process easier through our Hubworks platform. By working as a translator between your ATS and our background screening, Hubworks reduces the amount of coding you need while ensuring that all the data is safely and securely transmitted.

Here are the six biggest areas that you’ll see improvements in when you incorporate an ATS into your hiring process, and they all feature further savings when integrated with services that deverus and others offer.

Simplify Your Reporting

It’s easier to keep track of one dashboard than all of the applications that come in for every new job you post. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than two unemployed people for every job opening across the country, with roughly 5 million jobs currently available and posted online.

That means in a major market, you can easily surpass the average 250 applications per job posting.

Sorting, ranking and removing applications from that list will take time, especially if you’re requiring your hiring team to manage it by hand. An applicant tracking system can simplify this process by automatically doing the ranking and sorting for you based on keywords, experience and other information.

One of the best things about a smart ATS is that you’ll be presented with a single dashboard for each job. This allows you to manage everyone together, reducing the likelihood that someone is overlooked or improperly rejected for a job.

Integrated ATS platforms that work with websites – either your own or job boards – also knock down on duplicated effort. The applicant fills out their information and ensures it is properly formatted, without your HR needing to take a submitted resume and turn it into a formatted document for your comparisons. Some ATS can even do all of the sorting and formatting from a resume, allowing you to store their document and automatically get all of the information sorted for comparison.

Integrated ATS platforms minimize the amount of duplicated work and save time by automating much of the data analytics. That’s time and money you save relative to each new hire. Hubworks can further your savings because it integrates as a seamless layer on top of other systems and knocks out the learning required with many other background checks. We’ve designed it with your framework in mind to reduce what your team has to learn or code.

Hubworks operates as a translation engine for background check requests and results, quickly integrating with the majority of third-party ATSs available. By translating formats and protocols into information that your ATS is already familiar with, Hubworks allows for screening integration that’s quick and pain-free. You can get your HR and IT staff back to work on other processes and rely on Hubworks to ensure your data is fast, efficient and reliable.

Improve Security and Compliance

A stack of papers on your desk is hardly secure against a strong breeze, let alone sticky fingers, wobbly coffee cups and accidental discards. Don’t let your applicant information sit exposed and face office perils that crop up continually during a busy day.

Selecting an ATS provides you with the opportunity to take all of this information and put it into a single, secure location with encryption options. Password settings, software checks and encryption on the send and receive allow you keep more information in better order while reducing the likelihood that it will be misused.

Yes, you will have another username and password to remember when accessing his information. However, that’s no reason to hold off the adoption of a top-line ATS. Digital security continues to reach new heights and allow for better protection of your information, an added bonus to the improved tracking for all of the information you need.

And don’t forget that the EEOC and other regulations set many privacy and security expectations you must follow. To meet current demands, for example, you need to have all personally identifiable digital information located on a separate server with SSL encrypted pages. You can drop that concern from your IT department by selecting an ATS to manage this for you.

Better still, choosing to integrate your ATS with background screening programs can create a secure location for all of your information. You’ll lose the security risks that come with having documents and information emailed back and forth, or faxed and left for any to see on the machine, because integrated platforms automatically transmit and aggregate your data.

Security is in our blood at deverus. We’ve been providing high-quality results and customer service since 1997 and our commitment to providing you with an easy and safe process remains. Whether you need a friendly interface that anyone on your team can use properly, powerful administration tools with management and workflow functions, or the ability to shift researchers and counties with ease, Verocity from deverus has you covered.

Get stronger protection against breaches as well as accidents by furthering your paperless process through an ATS integrated with a strong background screening platform. That’s part of security focus and only the tip of our innovation iceberg.

Simplify Compliance

Digital recruiting thankfully cuts down on the duplicated effort and content, so you’re saving time right off the bat. You’ll also get a nice time savings when you integrate your ATS with a background screening partner by reducing the work you need to do in document review.

Automating this part of the hiring processes gives you control over when to perform which kind of background screening. Most screeners are designed to operate only when you’re at the right stage and have the right information on each candidate, helping to prevent you from accessing information that violate their privacy or existing laws.

Background screening companies are vigilant when it comes to compliance requirements. It’s our business to protect yours. To keep you safe, we offer a high level of accuracy and quality for individual investigations. The best part about using cloud-based integrations is that you don’t need a software update to be on target for the latest legislation. Compliance is checked whenever a request is made, allowing our end to perform those checks while your operations keep running smoothly.

You’re essentially giving yourself a guard against both lawsuits from candidates and against fines or problems with government inspections. It’s a smart idea to look for products and services that specifically deal with compliance. Our deverusDirect is a fully FCRA compliant database that helps you find the information you need and only what’s appropriate for the jurisdiction you’re operating in today.

Performing audits on your information during the hiring process and afterwards, you’re able to strengthen your case for who you hire and who you do not. Your integrated ATS will have the reports you need to prove that you’ve adequately and legally used the information at your disposal to make those decisions.

Manage Your Brand

One area that’s often overlooked with ATS is that it provides a touch point where someone is interacting with your brand. Job postings and applications are a place where you can show your company culture. Your ATS should help you take advantage of this.

Brand management has two areas within your ATS and overall application process. The first is that using an integrated ATS to manage applicants and background screening information frees your HR team up to focus on other areas. This can include building a better job description, seeking candidates across professional platforms and narrowing their field of focus. Less time with paperwork means more time for candidates.

The other branding opportunity is the ability to look polished. Integrated ATS and screening platforms build a unified structure and menu aesthetic. Your company will look clean and sophisticated with uniform input fields across multiple screens. Integrated ATS platforms give applicants the understanding that you’re tech savvy and a high-caliber employer by applying a standardized design at every point of interaction.

Deepen Integrations

Selecting an ATS that’s designed with integration in mind means it works hard to speak a common language with other programs. This makes your background screening process much easier to manage because it brings all of your reporting under a single dashboard. It gives you an easier way to manage candidates with analytics.

However, those aren’t the only analytics that exist in today’s Big Data world. The others that initially come to mind include marketing and website tracking. Your ATS will provide some basics in these areas in relation to where your job is posted, but lead scoring and source information is often hit-and-miss.

If your ATS is designed for private integrations such as background screening, it also likely works with career sites and brands. This will allow you to improve your spending for positions and see which avenues provide the best quality candidates. It’s an analytics process that can help with how much you spend for paid ads as well as help you create a laser-like focus for your next hire.

This whole-picture approach is at the heart of deverus and it’s the reason behind our Hubworks platform. We work hard to keep information flowing quickly and securely so you can focus on ATS integration with other services. And when you find those services or ATS benefits, deverus is here to help you take advantage.

Every single deverus subscriber has the ability to submit ideas for improvements to our process and products. We review every submission and often include many of these suggestions in our regular system updates – free for everyone. The digital world is changing and it requires communication for deverus, our partners and our customers to stay at the head of the pack. That’s why we add features you want to use, beyond what’s just trending in the industry.

Get Better Hires

General use of an ATS with mobile-friendly posts can improve your applicants. According to Indeed, companies using an ATS for hiring get 88% more qualified applicants. Further this by selecting an integrate-able platform that can sort candidate pools with automatic toolsets you create.

The ultimate goal is to get the best candidates in your short-list. Integrating an ATS with multiple platforms allows you to do this with rankings for items that both appear and are missing from applications, reference checks, background screens and more.

While technology should never completely do the hiring for you, it can provide your company with many great avenues to focus on the best candidates. Not only will you narrow the pool based on what fits your business, you’ll also avoid accidentally removing candidates due to error instead of a lack of qualifications.

Integrated ATS platforms allow you to have a better hiring process that’s legally safe, positively branded, and fit right for your company. With deverusDirect, our partners are securing more records, higher data quality, truer stability, better support, and greater up time. Let us show you what the deverus difference can do for you.

Without a doubt, improving the candidate experience is a very hot topic for business of every size. And where background checks have traditionally been a just a painful checkbox for HR, we believe with the right mobile recruiting technology, they can actually be another touchstone that allows HR to shine with an improved candidate experience. This is how you can help.

Make the Information Entry Process Easier

Let’s face it, background check companies haven’t been known for speeding up the hiring process. In fact, it’s been the opposite. We require a ton of information and in many cases, it takes us anywhere from 2 to 4 days to get a background check back. Making the information entry process as easy as possible can go a long ways first of all to make the applicant actually fill it out and secondly, to speed to up the process. Mobile done right is an excellent way to get the application to the applicant, have them fill out faster if they were tied to a computer, and it you can shorten the process by improving the user interface design.

Brand Your Emails for Customers

There are many reasons not to use generic emails including a big one, they don’t get noticed! If you want to improve your speed to hire and applicant entry rate, brand your email using your customer’s logo and make the applicant feel like a person, not number. This is actually your chance to establish that first impression about you and how they can trust that you are going to provide an honest and transparent background check experience.

Give Constant Updates

Look at it from the candidates perspective. They want to be hired for a job and they just sent their personal information into a black hole. They don’t know where the information goes, who touches it, when it’s coming back, or even what’s on it. Keeping the candidate informed about who you are, their rights, and the status will go along way to make them at ease and actually when disputes do arise, it will give you an edge because you’ve already established a trusted relationship.

Allow the Candidate to Communicate Directly

These are very different times. Background check companies in the past have kept an arm's length distance from candidates. This was because it feels safer when you are reporting sensitive information and there really wasn’t the means of communication. Today, with email, texts and mobile apps, background check companies have the means to step up and provide constant, direct communication to the applicant. This is important because it allows you to show HR that you also believe in improving the candidate experience and it actually improves speed to hire because in the cases where more information is needed or candidates have dispute questions, background check companies can step in and answer those questions without troubling HR, who we know is already overwhelmed and probably has one of their performance metrics as speed to hire.

Make the Process Transparent

As stated above there are so many good reasons to keep the applicant updated and to communicate directly. But the main reason is you're creating a pathway to transparency and ultimately trust. It’s not only the right thing to do when someone is giving up their personal information to strangers, it can also help considerably if you find yourself in litigation and you are asked to demonstrate what you did to provide a reasonable level of disclosure. It’s really a win win for both you and applicants. So make sure you have the right technology and communication tools that lets you open up dialogue and help put trust into the background check process.

Friday, 01 December 2017 07:14

The True Cost of Downtime

As an online company, striving to have your business or product operate at close to 100% uptime is normally one of the hallmarks of a successful venture. This is very difficult to do, but dependency and reliability are some of the metrics that will ensure your product is picked over your competitors. However, one thing that we do not talk about, especially in the background check industry, is the true cost of downtime. Downtime can be considered anything from issues with communication with the server, or simply maintenance on your hardware, the bottom line is there is a cost to downtime, but how much is it?

To better understand downtime, let us first start with uptime and the number nine. If you have purchased web domains or hosting services, you will often see 99.9% uptime advertised. This means that only 0.1% of the time, your services will be down. This is an industry standard, and for those companies that are operating on a standard service level agreement (SLA), this is the norm. Now here is the issue, the 0.1% downtime equates to 43 minutes per month or nine hours per year. Imagine during the busiest month of your company, going down for nine hours. It would kill your bottom line, and for a background check company, nine hours without access to a client’s file could mean the difference between hiring or losing a candidate. However, money talks, so let us talk some cold hard facts.

In the United Kingdom, according to Statista, e-commerce revenues will hit £440 trillion over the next five years. That means, if every e-commerce business runs on an SLA, the potential loss of business due to downtime would be £440 billion. That is a lot of money, and for a smaller company, even this 0.1% downtime could mean the difference between survival and closing its doors. However, money is not the only thing that you could potentially use. A study in the United Kingdom conducted in 2017 asked 1000 consumers about downtime and their opinions on a brand. Sixty-eight percent of people state that if a platform crashed, their opinion would be negatively affected. While thirty-seven percent of respondents would simply avoid buying from a brand if they experienced downtime. This is a concerning reality for those in the e-commerce business, but in the background check industry, this is even more concerning.

This is because more and more background check companies have started to make the move to online options for their background checks, but much more have gone the cheaper route and relied on classic SLA’s for their hosting options. In the background industry uptime means that your company can complete and access checks with ease, but when the other guys cut corners on hosting services it will ensure that your file is not always available when you need it.

Here at deverus we have invested in our infrastructure and provide our clients with a more than 99.9% uptime with our use of Amazon Web Services cloud computing power. You will always be able to access your files, and file background checks with the knowledge that you can rely on deverus to be up and available. This is our guarantee, and part of the reason that over thirty-five thousand businesses trust deverus to produce and maintain their background checks.

Friday, 17 November 2017 11:14

Driving Innovation with Customers for Growth

In the employment screening and background check world, innovation is one of the most powerful drivers of growth. As the labor landscape changes and companies look to hire the best, the cutting edge of technology offers significant competitive advantages for early adopters. Growing your customer base through innovation isn’t always a straight-line process like marketing, but it’s a valuable investment to attract customers over time.

In a recent study by deverus, researchers discovered a significant impact of innovative new platforms on growth. Background check companies using the deverus platform outperformed the industry growth average by 100%. Firms on the cutting-edge platform saw year-over-year growth of 20% in their operations. Software improvements and cloud technology translate to faster and more reliable results for your customers, and those “wins” translate to faster and more sustainable growth.

One of the challenges for innovators in any industry is aiming at a target. Without a deep understanding of your customers’ (and their customers’) needs, it’s impossible to hit the mark with your research and development efforts. Most of the world’s executives, business owners, and managers are too far removed from customer-facing roles to keep a good handle on their needs. Effective communication between customers, front-line staff, developers, managers, and leaders can be time-consuming and cumbersome. It’s not something you can afford to ignore, however. The best companies in the world are the ones that listen to their customers and help them innovative with useful technology and improvements.

Innovation isn’t a goal – it’s a continuous commitment to being better. It’s not enough to create slick, new software packages or a killer application. If you aren’t in touch with the needs of your customers, it’s all for nothing. Business success is the goal of any for-profit organization, and it’s key to push for innovation where it benefits the end-user. No one will care if you solve a problem that they don’t have.

One of the most powerful forces in the background check industry is “smartsourcing” or outsourcing key business processes to reduce costs AND push for innovation across business units and strategic partners. It’s no longer enough to move parts of your operation to low-cost providers. The best companies in the industry look for opportunities to innovate and improve, inside and out of their direct management control.

At deverus, we drive innovation to improve our customer’s ability to perform. We help our clients improve their results through better technology, better platform integration, and powerful back-end cloud computing. With faster performance and more reliable tools, our clients rely on us to remove any bottlenecks in their recruiting and HR management processes. With a cloud-based platform, we offer 99% uptime and fast turnaround to deliver the best possible background check solutions, all at a lower cost than our competitors.

One of the major challenges for an innovator is the interoperability of our platform with our clients’ software and IT systems. Any smart innovation will account for the limitations of existing platforms, so we work hard to develop our new technology with legacy support. Driving innovation in-house and beyond the walls of deverus is an important goal for our team, and our customers rely on us to help them grow through investments in their own IT infrastructure and training. We are all in this together, and the future is bright for background check companies that adopt innovation into their daily practice. At deverus, we are here to help you along that journey.

Background check service providers do well when they focus on the client’s needs, but they often overlook the importance of a positive candidate experience. Making life easy for candidates improves response times and overall satisfaction with the process. Background check firms that focus on both the employer and the applicant experience will outperform service providers that cater to employers exclusively. Below, you’ll find four ways that your company can improve the user experience for applicants and employees during the background check process.

1) Focus on UX (User Experience)

Many companies fail to “put themselves in the user’s shoes” when they design their background check forms and processes. When your application developers and form designers keep the end user in mind during the design and layout process, everybody wins. When users can easily navigate your procedures, you improve response times and overall accuracy. Be empathetic to your users and they will reward you with fast completion times and highly-accurate reporting. Failure to incorporate UX-focused design will lead to frustration and overall dissatisfaction.

The candidate experience should be at the foundation for all background check service providers. When a candidate is hired after taking part of a positive experience they are able to immediately start with an assured piece of mind. They’ll feel familiar and welcomed from day one. When candidate experience is handled properly, what once was a vulnerable position for the candidate, can become a cornerstone in your hiring process. Thus, attracting the best candidates to your business and creating a positive reputation that leads the industry.

2) Improve Accuracy

There’s nothing more frustrating for employers and applicants than dealing with the fallout of bad information. If your applicants have a common name, it’s especially important for background check firms to provide accurate and reliable information. Misinformation and poor quality reporting impact the turnaround time and overall satisfaction with your background check procedures. If your firm focuses on providing high-quality, reliable, and accurate information, both employers and applicants will have a much easier time as they navigate your background check process.

3) Improve Responsiveness and Dispute Resolution Process

Mistakes happen, and it’s up to you to work with employers, employees, and applicants to sort out any errors or omissions in your reports. Some background check firms take weeks or even months to resolve disputes and correct any mistakes. These delays hurt employers and prospective/current employees, and it’s a major source of frustration for all stakeholders in the hiring process. If your firm can improve your responsiveness when problems arise, you can significantly improve the user experience for all parties.

4) Reduce Turnaround Time

Hiring new staff and vetting your current labor force are crucial functions for HR departments, and background checks often create bottlenecks and delays in the process. If your firm can improve your reporting turnaround time, your clients and their applicants/employees will appreciate your efforts to provide outstanding service. Focus on your processing times and identify the ways you can improve your responsiveness. When your team can reduce the time it takes to provide reports without impacting reporting accuracy, your clients and their stakeholders will appreciate the fast and professional service you provide to them.

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Integration-Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

ATS Domination, Integration-Platform as a Service (IPaaS), and the background check industry’s new mandate for self-service integrations

deverus has always been on the cutting edge of technology in the background check industry. Whether it’s creating new ways to simplify the process or improving the overall UX, our focus is on creating an amazing background check experience. With the launch of our integration manager (IM) and focus on IPaaS (Integration-Platform as a Service) we are blazing a new trail to perhaps one of the most important components of the background check company’s (CRA) ability to survive in the today’s marketplace, namely integration proliferation. The IM will allow CRAs to create their integrations through our platform using some of the best UX, while also putting error handling, monitoring, reporting, and additional configurations at their fingertips. This type of flexibility and automation is revolutionary for the background check industry.


For the past decade applicant tracking systems have taken the background check industry by storm. Once upon a time, the CRAs had a one to one relationship with human resource. They faxed their names for background checks or even went online to fill out orders and called or emailed when delays or problems arose. But with the proliferation of ATS across any size businesses providing an end to end applicant “tracking” experience and integrating to so many services to make it easy for HR to choose vendors, the CRA is just another “connection” or “integration” selling a commodity where everything looks and sounds the same. And now since the one to one relationship has been replaced and there are so many CRAs fighting to be integrated into the ATS, CRAs seem like just another replaceable vendor where price is the most important factor.

This outcome has been extremely challenging for most CRAs because to gain and even keep existing business, they must be integrated into multiple applicant tracking systems and maintain those integrations while absorbing all the cost. It is not uncommon for a mid-market CRA to be integrated into more than 40 ATSs with over 300 integrations for different HR customers in various market segments.

Creating and managing these integrations have become a costly nightmare for the CRA while the applicant tracking systems continue to bring on more CRAs to their platforms and increase revenue share demands. This difficult situation exists because in the past integrations have been complicated involving multiple developers, collaboration with the ATS, testing, roll out, then back- end monitoring and maintenance. The real dollars for time and resources can make most integrations cost more than $10K per integration, and the continual cost of maintenance in many cases is unclear. Also, most ATS or CRAs have a backlog of integrations that could take more than six months to complete. With both integration costs and lengthy implementation times, what’s a CRA to do? How can they compete with other CRAs with the same problems?

Integrations In Minutes

Yes, you heard right! Using deverus’ new Integration Manager iPasS will allow CRAs to create integrations inside the platform with minimal resources, development time, operational overhead, and within minutes! The drive for this service came from knowing the challenges our customers faced daily trying to integrate to all of the ATS, then having to wait for our backlog to get integrations complete. And with the nature of integrations, there were continual errors as well as latency and connection issues.

To overcome these challenges, we focused on three pain points. (1) How do we cut down on the time to integrate while increasing the number of integrations? (2) How do we improve transparency and visibility into the process so the CRA can be proactive in reviewing errors, notifying customers, and in some case fixing those errors? (3) How do you control the spiraling costs of integrations both for development and maintenance.

For the 1st pain point, we created a new framework that allows us truly to integrate once to an ATS in the IM, while still cutting that initial integration down to two weeks, and that’s one week of configuration, one week of testing, then roll out. Once that ATS is integrated, it will show up to the CRA as an integration partner, and with only a few clicks, the CRA can configure the integration, test and be off and running with new HR connections in minutes. This is truly revolutionary because we’ve cut the initial, standard integration time down to 2 weeks and then we allow the CRA to do the HR connections in minutes. Also, we will be adding new ATS weekly, so in just a few months all the major ATS will be integrated, and then it will be a matter of minutes for most HR connections.

For the 2nd pain point, we created a one of a kind integration manager dashboard inside of the CRA administration module that allows for real-time monitoring of the status, health, and configurations of all the CRA’s integrations. Within seconds, the CRA can see the applicant volume, turn around time, errors, the health of the integration, proactive monitoring tools, as well as the ability to drill down and make certain configuration changes. This does two things. First, it gives the CRA oversight into the integrations so they can be proactive in reporting their customers or the ATS. Secondly, it puts the power of error handling and configuration into the CRAs hands, so they no longer need to rely on busy developers to diagnosis and fix errors or change configuration details.

For the 3rd pain point, we’ve been able to automate a lot of the cumbersome processes related to the initial integration and then put the power of configuration into the hands of the CRA. When implementation is down to minutes, it dramatically reduces both initial and recurring maintenance costs to $2,500 per standard integration. That means the CRA pays only $2,500 to get integrated into an ATS in minutes. This is what we call a competitive advantage and a true differentiator when using deverus technology.

For almost a decade, deverus’ intention has been to create an integration platform so easy to use, with a few point and clicks, an integration is done. With our new integration manager, we’ve done just that. This revolutionary platform puts the control of integrations in the hands of the user, not developers; what took months now takes minutes. That’s what the IM delivers. Integration Automation, Self Service, Visibility and Monitoring, All at your fingertips.

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