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We are proud to introduce Verocity Integration Manager.

The power of ATS integrations is now in your hands.

Top Benefits

  • Integrations in minutes, not weeks!
  • Self-service standard integrations with new customers
  • New ATSs will continually be added
  • New features and dashboard metrics to help you monitor your customer’s usage

Now, self-serve standard integrations

Solving the industry’s top concerns, deverus now enables self-serve integrations.
  • The move towards Integration Platform as a Service (I-PaaS) offerings is increasing to keep up with demand and your ability to bring on new clients.
  • New open API architecture enables streamlined access and smoother, faster ATS integrations.

Getting Started with Verocity Integration Manager

We have 5 new integrations with iCIMS, Jobvite, SAP Success Factors, Tempworks and Greenhouse along with 85 different ATS pre-integrations and continued ATS integrations in Q4 and throughout 2018.

Client Setup

New clients can be added to your integrations in minutes with an easy to input client setup.

Reporting Features

Your dashboard of statistics shows volumes, transaction trends, number of failed attempts and your top 5 integration partners, with in-depth reporting on volume, workflow and error handling.

To learn about all of the features, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And, stay tuned to our blog for more updates in the future.

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The deverus team is pleased to deliver a highly intuitive and transparent candidate-driven mobile experience to help our customers manage the growing volume of background checks through speed, simplicity and breakthrough geo-location intelligence.

Below you will find more information on the new updates that enable you to drive new business with Swifthire Mobile’s future-ready technology.

Applicant Portal

With the applicant portal, applicants now have their own homepage where they can:
  • Login for status
  • Check on notifications
  • Read reports pertaining to their background check
  • Track the progress of their background check
Applicant Portal

New Feature! Auto Geo-location Consents

Customized and streamlined consents and disclosures based on applicant’s residence.

Geolocation Consents

EZ Applicant Pay

An easy way for applicants to charge their background check on their credit or debit card if you choose.

EZ Applicant Pay

Efficiency Feature: Applicant Document Upload

Allows applicants to upload important identification and documentation to facilitate their background check.

Applicant Document Upload

Cost Savings Feature: Auto Pre-Adverse / Adverse Letters and 613A Letters

Ability to automatically and electronically send important communications to applicants to save costs, and ensure timeliness, compliance and applicant acknowledgement.


Other Top Highlights

Mobile scalability, detailed report status, mobile-friendly reports, reminder email and text capabilities, custom theme and branding, integrated order capability and others!

In a Nutshell

You can:
  • Customize your theme and branding for the portal, email invitations, instructions and reminder emails
  • Invite applicants to self-screen by email, a link on your website or intranet
  • Review all submissions or have the system convert submissions directly into orders
  • Track progress and send automatic email reminders
  • Customize and streamline consents and disclosures based on applicant’s residence
  • Provide individual applicant homepages where they can login
  • Allow applicants to enter their information themselves online and to upload important identification and documentation to facilitate their background check
  • Send, automatically and electronically, important communications to applicants to save costs, and ensure timeliness, compliance and applicant acknowledgement

Applicants can:
  • Have a secure, individual applicant homepage to login for status, notifications and track the progress of their background check
  • Engage with the system on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop – or all 3 as they need
  • Securely pay for their background check – perfect for contractor or volunteer self-screening

To learn about all of the features, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And, stay tuned to our blog for more updates in the future.

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Mobile-focused development has eclipsed the desktop and is delivering a big impact on many aspects of business communications and corporate design. From website to platform UX, the mobile experience is becoming the most important tool for managers and business owners. The background check industry is no exception – mobile is here to stay.

Candidates, HR professionals, and hiring managers can all benefit from the proliferation of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets bring a host of changes to the digital world, and it’s imperative that you tailor your offering and platforms to meet the needs of both desktop and mobile users. Mobile still has some limitations, but the advantages are profound. Smaller screens with different dimensions demand a different approach – you need to offer concise and clean layouts to make your platform or site usable on different devices. Touchscreen applications open up a new world of possibilities to your users. Push notifications can make the difference between applicant engagement and applicant apathy.

With mobile-first design considerations, your productivity and effectiveness can increase dramatically. Over half of all job applicants are using mobile sites and apps to search for their next opportunities. Without mobile design considerations, you can risk losing applicants’ interest. Failure to deliver a positive mobile UX for your users quickly translates to higher compliance costs and poor completion rates. User input is the lifeblood of the modern recruitment process, and it’s up to you to deliver an effective and easy-to-use platform for your stakeholders.

Background check providers and HR technology companies need to embrace the new world of mobile computing. As the devices become faster, more powerful, and more ubiquitous, the gap between mobile-first and mobile-last will continue to grow. Don’t get left behind! Make sure your platform looks and feels great on any device. Thorough research and user testing are a must in this new mobile world we live in. Candidate background screening is now a mobile-based process for the vast majority of your potential users.

Mobile applications create new opportunities to attract and engage your audience. Background check and other HR-solution providers need to make the move to faster, lighter, and more effective software to retain their market share and continue to grow their revenue. It’s not something anyone can avoid, but it’s especially important for companies looking to hire the best and brightest.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 18:30

Fear and Loathing in Background Screening

If you put yourself in the shoes of a candidate facing a background check, you could empathize with it being a pretty stressful experience. Even among the most pure and innocent of applicants, there is always a risk that an error was made along the way that could yield a negative result. While candidates certainly have the right to request their background check report, it’s typically not something they ever consider. Generally, if an applicant makes it to the point of consenting to a background check as a condition of employment, it’s usually a formality. The candidate is excited, sometimes a bit nervous, but confident that their screening will come back clear and they can set a start date for their new opportunity.

Unfortunately, in about 20 percent of cases, a background screen returns with some type of negative result; this could be due to anything from a simple data entry error to a real conviction. This is where it gets interesting. Crickets. Nothing, nada. Persona non grata. The candidates’ worst fears are realized when suddenly, they don’t hear back from the company that they thought their contingent offer was a done deal and the applicant doesn’t even know what happened or what to do.

This happens all too often. Once a candidate signs the consent to a background check, which they usually don’t even remember they have done, everything goes behind the curtain. They have virtually no control in the process, no visibility into the status, no ability to review documents or consents. Sometimes, they haven’t even read their own report. And they certainly don’t have the ability to dispute it simply and easily.

That’s where technology comes into play. By putting the control in the applicant’s hands via mobile enabled tools, candidates can enter their own information and drastically reduce errors as well as ease the burden of data entry for background check companies and HR departments. Technology, such as our flagship product, Swifthire Mobile, enables candidates to pay for their own background check (if that is the company policy), track the entire process, see what screenings are being conducted, review all necessary (and only necessary) consents and disclosures, read reports and dispute them as necessary.

Giving the applicant control over the process is not only empowering, it actually takes a stressful experience and makes it manageable which improves both the candidate experience and speed to hire.

Published in Articles & Blog

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