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Thursday, 14 September 2017 12:46

Open Invitation for API Connectivity

Connecting API’s (aka: Application Program Interfaces) has been a complex and almost secret tomb reserved for the savviest of developers to make a labyrinth of systems work together. The new trend is to open up API’s and make connectivity to various partners, technology platforms and ecosystems more democratized. This ‘opening’ provides new access for developers throughout the development chain to have standardized access to systems. Opening API’s allows for a smoother, faster way to integrate systems so everything works seamlessly together. It also promotes sharing across enterprises as thought leadership and innovation are often fortunate outcomes of providing open API’s.

Opening API’s for developers to connect different systems together does require an agreement between the API users and the API providers to follow established protocols and standards of use. But once the agreement is in place, system connectivity is expedited. Imagine in the background check world, a CRA brings on a new client that needs an integration with a particular Applicant Tracking System. A request is generated, the platform provider is contacted, but the ATS developers are swamped and can’t get to it. And they don’t have access to the API in order to gain connectivity. Open access API’s relieve the administrative burden of having to enlist the help of liaison teams that go between developers to communicate what needs to be done. Once the API is open, developers can quickly and efficiently get business rolling and be able to connect seamlessly.

At deverus, our focus to open API’s is to enable access for developers to ‘quick-connect’ and be able to generate new business faster rather than waiting in an integration queue. Combined with our new Verocity Integration Manager product, which is officially launching on 9/30/2017, which will enable self-serve standard integrations, deverus is focused on making it easy and simple to do business through breakthrough, future-ready technology.

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