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Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

Background Checks and The User Driven Economy

One of the fundamental truths for any business is that in order to be successful, they must understand their customers, as well as their potential customers and stay current with emerging trends. Today’s technology allows consumers and businesses alike the greatest amount of opportunity to reach potential customers and partners, this is true for background check companies as well. This is, unsurprisingly, due to the sheer number of mediums with which a person can connect with one another. The rate that technology is advancing and being utilized is at an all time high. The rise in the gig workforce has reinforced the importance of the user experience and the need to continue to develop innovative, intuitive, streamlined, and yes, sexy, interfaces that enable people to move along the candidate experience path seamlessly. With the right user experience, background check companies can take advantage of this trend instead of being left behind.

Consider this; a job seeker in today’s ATS world must apply for positions with various companies by facing a daunting labyrinth of interfaces, uploads, keywords, formatting and other requirements only to receive a series of impersonal form letter email responses. It’s the bane of the job seeker’s existence, as if job hunting wasn’t already hard enough.

But imagine a world where applicants can walk away with a positive experience that starts from the moment they begin the application process, all the way through the applicant journey to their background check experience. That world doesn’t have endless forms to fill out. It doesn’t have error codes that force the user to re-enter all of their information, it doesn’t have 36-digit confirmation codes. The user driven economy is about proactively developing tools that make everyone’s life easier–things like pre-populated content (no more forms), geo-location services, artificial intelligence, transparency and feedback mechanisms to name a few.

Today’s tech outlook is that everyone’s user experience matters—not just the HR department. Leaders in any industry have recognized this and are taking advantage of them in a number of ways. Most of all, they recognize the importance in surpassing client expectations at all times and that lasting partnerships or client relationships are determined almost solely on user experience.

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