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Thursday, 01 February 2018 00:00

How to Win with ATS Partnerships

Applicant tracking systems are the cornerstone of the modern recruiting process. A centralized and standardized hiring platform offers benefits to human resource and executive personnel who own the hiring decision. Most large CRAs have teams focused on created relationships with almost every ATS. If you want to survive in the next few years, you must have a successful strategy for creating lasting partnerships with applicant tracking systems.

Winning with ATS partnerships is a simple process. It’s all about building the right ecosystem to improve your hiring process. Finding the right candidates and onboarding them effectively is a key function of the human resource and executive teams. ATS systems with third-party integrations are a crucial piece of the hiring puzzle today. Each individual partner or integration can unlock new potential with a high degree of industry and situational specificity. Certain platforms and ATS integrations work better for some industries and different types of professionals. Each partnership offers different capabilities and strengths, allowing hiring managers to fine-tune the search, hire, and onboard processes.

Whether it’s simply billing contractors or end-to-end hiring solutions, ATS partnerships can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the hiring process. Many of the top software and HR technology firms offer ATS integrations, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest news for your platform. Small firms and Fortune 500 companies can benefit from the possibilities and new capabilities available from the leading ATS partnerships.

From hiring to interviewing to vetting to onboarding, there are ATS partnerships available for every company in every industry. To get the most out of a recruiting unit, there are workflow tools and ATS integrations to increase productivity. There are automated recruitment management tools to help with job boards postings, email hiring, and background checks. The sky's the limit when it comes to ATS partnerships. From the back office to the front line, ATS partnerships make it easy to win the battle for the best candidates. Partner integrations and cross-functional ATS platforms help recruiters and candidates connect in the modern labor market. In a complex world, it takes an integrated approach to drive the best results for the recruiting channel. ATS partnerships make it easy to succeed in the battle for talent and career opportunities.

deverus’ new Integration Manager (IM) evens the playing field for small and mid-sized background check companies to quickly integrate to ATSs. Once integrated you have the transparency and oversight into the process. Call us today to see how the IM can help you create lasting partnerships with ATSs.

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Any HR manager will tell you that tracking your applicants and following them through the hiring process can be difficult at the best of times. If background checks, drug testing, or other employee verification tools are required, it becomes even harder.

When background check companies offer full integration, staying on top of the applicant process is much easier for HR managers and hiring directors.

Work within Existing Systems

Background checks are a key piece of the hiring puzzle, but can hold up the process if information isn’t delivered efficiently. As companies perform essential checks into the history of candidates, they use sophisticated software packages and tools to manage their workflow.

These Fortune 500 companies and other large companies rely on those processes to conduct background checks smoothly and efficiently. It is why, in order to win contracts from these top employers, you must be able to work within their existing systems.

It’s why deverus offers the Integration Manager, an integrations game changer. With the Integration Manager, you will be pre-integrated with some of the most used applicant tracking systems in the industry, making the time required to connect new clients a fraction of a new integration.

Get the Edge Over Competition

Applicant tracking systems offer a lot of functionality and organization when managing the hiring process for hundreds of people at a time, from resume submission all the way through to the onboarding exercises.

At some point during this lengthy process, HR managers often need to perform background checks and drug testing. If your bid for these services includes easy integration into their existing tracking systems, you’ll have a big leg up over the competition.

Invest in the future now so you aren’t left behind as other companies step in to provide the high level of service that clients demand.

How Integration Tools Help Your Bottom Line

Considering the pace of recruitment and the challenges of HR in a large organization, background check companies have a huge opportunity if they offer better service with more seamless integration.

By investing in integration tools, you offer a superior experience for your clients because they won’t have to input a significant volume of data upon onboarding. Background check companies that take the lead and look to the future of HR and recruitment will benefit from adopting an integrated approach before it becomes the industry standard.

Enterprise Integrations at your Fingertips

deverus introduces the Integration Manager (IM). It’s a revolution in integrations for background check companies. Our vision has always been to make integrations so easy you can do it. With IM, that vision is a reality.

Say hello to enterprise level technology simplified to help you create and manage integrations. (IM) is the industry’s only automated integration platform that allows everyday users the ability to point and click to create, configure, manage, monitor, and control integrations.

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Friday, 22 September 2017 17:41

Top Takeaways from NAPBS

My team briefed me on their experience at NAPBS in Tampa this week. What an exciting and well attended show! We went with the purpose of featuring our new development initiatives and meet with both current and prospective customers. And we made two official announcements; one on the launch of Swifthire Mobile and the other on our new partnership with ISB Canada. We will be formally announcing Verocity Integration Manager on October 2, 2017.

deverus launches Swifthire Mobile
Partnership with ISB Canada

The team spent most of their time giving demos of Swifthire Mobile which puts the control in the applicant’s hands as a fully mobile and compliant candidate experience, and Verocity Integration Manager designed for CRA’s to ‘self-serve’ standard integrations and enable transactions within minutes – not weeks or months. The feedback was tremendous on both of these front and back end systems that are designed to help CRA’s sell, differentiate and streamline operations. It was also validating to hear that we are ahead of the curve to provide an exceptional candidate experience as well as a quick, easy, stable and cost effective way to manage integrations.

As integrations continue to be a challenge for CRA’s, we have established a dedicated team to develop win-win relationships to enable rapid integrations as well as to provide open access API’s that further break down the barriers to smooth and expedient integrations.

Technology overall was a major theme which proves again that every business is actually a technology business. Future-ready technology is an essential ingredient to business success – and that is a mission critical goal for deverus and where we continue to invest.

UX and UI is also a top takeaway from the show. We continue to make UX/UI a priority for all of our development. It has to look great, be intuitive and easy to navigate. And it has to work.

As the founder of deverus, and being in this business for over 20 years, it’s extremely gratifying to have a team that represents us so well, is passionate about the products we provide and are dedicated to our customers. But more, it’s great to have the validation from the attendees at NAPBS, and to know that our booth was buzzing with activity and energy for our mission to revolutionize and disrupt the background check industry.

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