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4 Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience

May 15, 2017

Background check service providers do well when they focus on the client’s needs, but they often overlook the importance of a positive candidate experience. Making life easy for candidates improves response times and overall satisfaction with the process. Background check firms that focus on both the employer and the applicant experience will outperform service providers that cater to employers exclusively. Below, you’ll find four ways that your company can improve the user experience for applicants and employees during the background check process.

1) Improve Accuracy

There’s nothing more frustrating for employers and applicants than dealing with the fallout of bad information. If your applicants have a common name, it’s especially important for background check firms to provide accurate and reliable information. Misinformation and poor quality reporting impact the turnaround time and overall satisfaction with your background check procedures. If your firm focuses on providing high-quality, reliable, and accurate information, both employers and applicants will have a much easier time as they navigate your background check process.

2) Improve Responsiveness and Dispute Resolution Process

Mistakes happen, and it’s up to you to work with employers, employees, and applicants to sort out any errors or omissions in your reports. Some background check firms take weeks or even months to resolve disputes and correct any mistakes. These delays hurt employers and prospective/current employees, and it’s a major source of frustration for all stakeholders in the hiring process. If your firm can improve your responsiveness when problems arise, you can significantly improve the user experience for all parties.

3) Reduce Turnaround Time

Hiring new staff and vetting your current labor force are crucial functions for HR departments, and background checks often create bottlenecks and delays in the process. If your firm can improve your reporting turnaround time, your clients and their applicants/employees will appreciate your efforts to provide outstanding service. Focus on your processing times and identify the ways you can improve your responsiveness. When your team can reduce the time it takes to provide reports without impacting reporting accuracy, your clients and their stakeholders will appreciate the fast and professional service you provide to them.

4) Focus on UX (User Experience)

Many companies fail to “put themselves in the user’s shoes” when they design their background check forms and processes. When your application developers and form designers keep the end user in mind during the design and layout process, everybody wins. When users can easily navigate your procedures, you improve response times and overall accuracy. Be empathetic to your users and they will reward you with fast completion times and highly-accurate reporting. Failure to incorporate UX-focused design will lead to frustration and overall dissatisfaction.

The candidate experience should be at the foundation for all background check service providers. When a candidate is hired after taking part of a positive experience they are able to immediately start with an assured piece of mind. They’ll feel familiar and welcomed from day one. When candidate experience is handled properly, what once was a vulnerable position for the candidate, can become a cornerstone in your hiring process. Thus, attracting the best candidates to your business and creating a positive reputation that leads the industry.

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