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Five ways to make your background check process more automated

April 24, 2017

The days of picking up the phone and trying to reach a company for a background check and recording that information on paper are long gone. When it comes to a modern background check processes, companies are starting to automate, and for good reason. We have brought together the top five ways to make your background check processes more automated.

1) Links to various criminal databases

One of the barriers that background check companies face is the ability to link with the various criminal databases from across the world. With automation, a candidate’s information can automatically be run through a series of databases and can be cross-referenced with ease. An automated criminal record check can easily be done with the use of any number of programs on the web, or a simply written code in the application to make it work. Make sure to include CPIC (Canada) FBI and Interpol to make sure that the candidate would not be able to get around the edges. Criminal record checks are one of the cornerstones of background checks, and automation in this regard will quicken the process for your clients.

2) Links with an accredited credit check system

Credit checks, they are one of the toughest parts of any background check companies check, and yet you can easily automate this process to expedite the process. When a candidate fills out their information, your program will simply fill in their information and cross reference it with your trusted accredited credit check system. Many of these companies can easily connect between your data and the credit check company. A faster credit check is always the best for your client. It is time to automate the process.

3) Links to post-secondary databases

In today’s day and age (see the television show “Suits”), checking for a candidate’s post-secondary education needs to be a regular occurrence in a background check company. This process is best completed by automation with one of the many databases that are available for North American and European degree checks. Make sure to work with these companies to ensure that data is seamlessly transmitted during the process, and cross reference when you can to ensure the accuracy of the automation.

4) Paperless information as posted by user

For automation to happen, you need their information. Paperless information is the new norm in the background check business, and this will allow you to link with the above-mentioned databases and autofill information with ease and accuracy. Automation is supposed to make your work easier, and with access to paperless information, you will be well on your way.

5) State of the art security for mobile and web-based processes

We live in a world that is online, and with that comes the ability to protect sensitive information both on the web and mobile. If you are looking to automate, the protection of said information needs to be the first thing you look into. Whether it is through various firewalls and password protected screens, or hiring outside contractors to take care of your internal databases, this is a crucial step for automation. Ensure the security of the information, and you will be able to automate with ease.

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