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Building Customer Relationships To Ensure Mutual Success Through Compliance

April 20, 2017

Relationships have always been a fundamental cornerstone of business; it doesn’t matter at which aspect you look. When one business chooses to trade with another, or countries doing the same, if a consumer opts to shop from one store over another somewhere down the line a relationship is a partial cause. As consumers, we choose to buy things from one business over another who offers the same goods or services. We do this for a number of reasons; the staff is more polite, one is a local store vs. a chain, a personal history with the provider, relationships can be a determining factor in how our income is spent.

It is ironic that in the information age, where a business has never had easier access to potential partners those relationships have never been more important. A strong history or track record of success can be the determining factor in a firm winning a contract over another. In fact, that is often exactly how these things are determined, rather than the lowest or best bid. Our systems currently provide some of the most efficient, state of the art technologies allowing for compliance officers and HR to maximize their time by minimizing the necessary effort in completing background checks on potential new hires without compromising diligence or scrutiny.

A workforce of high morale performs and completes tasks with greater efficacy and efficiency. This is no secret. Safety and mutual respect among employees and managers are paramount to ensuring a high morale can be maintained. Unhappy employees are a toxic virus that a business owner or manager cannot afford. In business, your word is your bond, to break it willingly or otherwise will damage any current relationships with partners and consumers alike. Not only that, but with a scarred reputation building the foundation for strong relationships going forward will be very difficult. We’ve heard it more times than we can remember, a reputation is something that takes years to craft but can be shattered in a day. Relationships work the same way, and strong relationships create repeated business. Our systems relieve the pressure that stems from administering a thorough background check with the necessary tools to stay ahead of the industry standards, thereby ensuring that the odds of hiring a toxic personality remain at an absolute minimum keeping morale high. Good people want to work with good people, this is no secret. Attract the best in the field by offering them a place to work wherein they are ensured they will feel welcome and safe. A quick commute and bump in a salary aren’t all that it takes to land the best anymore (although it probably doesn’t hurt!)

In a time when reputations are what unlock many doors, ours speaks for itself. We currently deliver services to over 35,000 businesses who hire over 2 million employees per year combined, using 75 trusted partners. Our ability to grow and strengthen relationships is a key element in our continued track record of success and hope to share it with your business through our compliance programs.

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