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Mobile disruption and background check companies

April 13, 2017

When you think of the most powerful device in the world, it is not a super computer or quantum computing power; it is simply the smartphone. The smartphone continues to revolutionize and change the very landscape that we consume media in and the way that we interact with companies and their product. This kind of power has never been in the hands of so many; and yet for many in the background check business, they simply do not see the power that they have in front of them. We are going to review some examples of mobile disruption and then look at why and how mobile disruption could be the very way in which your company becomes the leader that it should.

Mobile disruption is a buzzword that has been thrown around for the last few years to term the ability for a company to disrupt the very industry it calls home with the use of mobile phones. For instance, Square has revolutionized the ability for small to medium enterprises to take payments, without the need for a phone cable or an expensive credit machine to rent from. Instead, a square plugs into your phone and creates a mobile payment option that has branched from the farmer's markets to coffee shops and small shops around the world. Uber is another example, where the makers saw a need in coordinating the sharing economy, and have revolutionized the cab industry. Today, more taxi companies are utilizing apps to track cars and request vehicles, and cities in which Uber is legal, have seen rate drops for the taxi unions. These are all good things, and would not have been possible without mobile disruption.

When it comes down to it, the background check industry is prime for a mobile disruption. Once a company can utilize an ability to move the process from computers to a smartphone, you will see this technological revolution start to mobilize. Not only are your clients more and more mobile, but an ability to respond quickly and on the very medium in their pocket will also connect you and your clients like never before.

How to do this, is the question. There are several avenues to explore but we have prepared one possibility. It is the ability for an interviewer to take a picture with their smartphone's camera of a resume and have it forwarded to your company securely through an app. You could then send your report back to the app and have an ability to have the full report sent via email as well. This would allow an employer to quickly assess the candidate’s eligibility and, if needed, review the file in depth when they have time. This would not only allow your company to become a better resource for employers but also have records ready to be accessed when needed instead of relying on a computer.

The time is now for a mobile disruption in the background check industry, and with the support of the right company, it is possible. It will take some work, but the benefits are practically endless. Just think of the power that a well built and secure app could provide for your clients, and see the results in your pocketbook..

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