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What 100% uptime means for background check companies

April 11, 2017

Reliability is the basis in which a successful background check company can build upon, and a reliable website is one part of that. We live in an era in which a request for a background check can come at any time day or night, and the ability for your site to be up will mean the difference between success and failure. With that in mind, we are going to dive into what it means when your site receives a 100% uptime, and what is means for your company.


Uptime is simply the ability for a website to be viewed by a member of the public at any time. This means that if a person in country x, goes to your site they will be able to view your data, pictures and text without interruptions. Back in the early 2000’s 100% uptime for a website would be a rarity, especially if it was privately run. There were many issues that could go wrong, and the fixes were not simple. Today, however, the ability for large data centers to reroute traffic to other ISP’s if an issue is detected means that a 100% uptime is possible. Naturally, this does not involve scheduled maintenance of a site's key mechanisms which is necessary from time to time to improve security and other functions. But if a company was to host with a reputable firm, the ability to near 100% uptime is a real possibility.

100% Uptime

The thing to remember is that uptime will never be 100% in today’s day and age. However, the right hosting company can make downtime a fraction of a second, and allow your customers to practically always connect to your site. This is key, as although 100% is a marketing tool, it is another way to simply say that the hosting services are rock solid. You may be reading this and asking yourself, ok so the hosting service is rock solid, and they are going to be able to deliver an almost perfect service but why is this important? The hosting of your website provides the very bedrock in which an online company builds upon. Without an ability for your clients to reach you, the site and the business are useless. Today, if a site is not working we simply will click to the next company on Google, it really is that simple.

It’s The Standard!

Thus, the ability for your site to always be available for a potential customer twenty-four seven has never been more crucial to the success or failure of your company. No matter if you are just starting off as a background check company, or a well-established name in the industry, a reliable site is the difference maker. A hosting company that will be able to deliver a practical 100% uptime will be worth its weight in gold when you have a client base that is on the web. Now is the time to invest in that reliability, and see your business flourish in the online realm like it has never before.

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