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Making meaningful connections, the key to success in business.

April 6, 2017

When it comes to being successful in business, and more accurately in life, you will need to be able to master the ability to make a meaningful connection. It goes much further than just a handshake and a business card, in today’s competitive marketplace, connections will mean the difference between success and failure. We are going to examine how to make a personal connection without going out of each other's comfort zone. To do this, we will first use conversational cues, then social media and finally staying up to date with your client base.

To be successful, you will not only need to hear a client, you need to actively listen for cues in the conversation, and execute on those. Actively listening for action words, and being able to convert on the conversation will allow you to become trusted by the client. Ask open-ended questions from these cues, and start to understand what your client is needing, or wanting from your company. The goal is to naturally lead to a commitment (whether new or sustained revenue), but for a client to trust you, you will need to listen to their needs, and showcase how you can be the solution to their problem. It is that simple, but you would be surprised at how many people forget this simple fact.

In today’s mobile world, the ability to connect with your potential customer base through social media has become essential for success. No longer is it good enough to only have a presence at trade shows or expos, you need to be an active and engaging social media user. Focus on Twitter, Facebook and either Instagram or Snapchat, depending on your market. Twitter is essential for business growth, and Facebook allows for company information to be easily accessible for a mobile audience. Do not worry, there are several tools on how to best run social media as a company, and you will love being able to interact with customers in this new medium.

Finally, your customer base is going to be the key to your success, and being aware of events that impact your client base is going to prove to be a difference maker in making a personal connection. This means that if you are a local company, tapping into the local community social media is going to be essential. As well, you should attempt to get involved with the community, sponsor a team, or even enter in a float for the local parade. Being involved and giving support in case of a disaster will prove to cement the relationship with your customer base.

Making a conscious effort to connect with your customer base is an essential part of being successful at business. No matter if you are a local mom and pop store, or a company that is looking to expand, your customer base, and these connections are the key to success. By being able to actively listen when interacting in person for conversational cues, being active on social media, and making an effort to know what is happening around your customer base will set you up to be a success story.

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