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Noting User Experience in the Real World

March 23, 2017

Take a minute and think what you did today. You got up, made some breakfast, went and grabbed a coffee, answered some emails, grabbed lunch with a co-worker, met with a new client, and now are reading this over your afternoon coffee. Now think about this, when did you experience a user experience in real life? You do not think about it, but every time you order a coffee, or simply have an interaction with a company you are interacting with a user experience. Now imagine taking these interactions and putting them to paper, that is what this article will look at.

The simple interaction of putting something to paper is allows someone to not only remember the interaction, but will serve as a reminder of what went well and what went wrong. No matter how experienced in delivering top of the line user experiences to clients, a master will always strive to learn how to better their approach. Let’s take the morning coffee. Did you interact with a person, or through an app. How was that experience? Would you do it again, and how would you improve your experience for the customer. This is all key to delivering the best to your customers from your own business's perspective.

Moving to your lunch date with your co-worker, this is going to be easier to engage in the user experience in which you experienced at the restaurant. From the moment, you saw the establishment is where the user experience began. The ambience, the entrance, the hostess taking you to your seat, it is all essential to the overall user experience in this establishment. If it went badly, you need to note why you felt that way, and in which ways you would improve your experience to better your own ideas. If you are thinking this way from a simple restaurant experience, imagine how a first-time customer would think of your site or business from the start. If you remember this, your end to end user experience will improve and customers will start to love your company, and the work that you do.

One thing that we forget to note from user experience is what made no difference, and this is where noting your own personal experiences with user experience will become key to your success. Nothing is worse than doing work, and it ended up utterly useless. Think back to the coffee and lunch, what thing did those establishments do that meant nothing to you. It might be a simple gesture, or just an interaction, but those interactions were a waste to you, and when it comes to your site that means meaningless work. Work to eliminate the waste, and deliver a user experience that lacks the meaningless, and simply packs a positive punch for your client base.

When it comes to user experience, we are living it every day. No matter if it is a positive experience, negative experience or one that is meaningless, the ability to note and adapt is going to be a difference maker in your line of work. Remember, learn from your environment and you will see success like no other.

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