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How an Efficient QA Process Affects the Bottom Line

March 21, 2017

Quality Assurance can be a painstaking process, but it doesn’t have to be. Efficient QA can help you deliver outstanding results and maintain a high level of accuracy in your work product. Even the best-designed processes can lose traction with poor-quality inputs and execution. With a thoughtful and integrated QA approach, you can ensure high-quality and accurate outcomes without sacrificing a lot of time, energy, and resources.

Streamline it.

QA is often a brute-force manual effort to ensure the best outcomes. Auditing your documents and other work product can take hours of time and human resources to guarantee high-quality production out of your team. It’s not something you can ignore, either.

Whether it’s legal, financial, or other corporate responsibilities, costly errors and omissions can impact your bottom line. By streamlining your QA workflow, you get better results with fewer errors and less time invested in the process.

Be Efficient

An efficient QA process means that your employees can complete critical tasks with higher quality and fewer errors. It pays to invest some time into your QA systems up front to design a system that requires a minimum of human intervention.

Incorporate integrations into the process wherever possible. Follow-up reporting should be automated. Overall accuracy and fast return time shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. With efficient QA flow, you’ll get faster results with the highest degree of accuracy through automation and better process design.


If your QA process is complicated and burdensome, it can be very frustrating for your team. Double-checking and following up to correct errors can interrupt the flow of work product through your organization. These mistakes cost you time and money! A better approach is a QA process designed to take advantage of process automation and advanced reporting tools to ensure quality without sacrificing time and effort.

Deliver on Promises

QA isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s a “must-have” for anyone in a position of responsibility. Even the best-designed processes need audits and verification to ensure accurate and effective workflow. QA can derail your progress and slow down the production rate of your team.

Whether you are an HR professional or a software designer, you need efficient and effective QA processes to deliver on your promises to your clients, external and internal.

Generate Better Outcomes

MSPs, ie., applicant tracking systems, almost always have an integration with one or many background check companies. Because of their position in the hiring process, they are primarily the front-end for the hiring manager’s workflow. They are responsible for gathering the necessary information, providing statuses, and delivering results. But they rely on the background check company and have the same problem as the applicant in that the information goes in a black hole with almost no transparency around the process.

Frequently, the background check is delayed, needs more information, or comes back with results that are not understood, which leaves the MSP with the responsibility of reviewing, untangling, and explaining the problems.

This is a real challenge since typically they normally know very little about the process themselves. Using a background check company puts the satisfaction of their customer out of their control.

The Background Check Company

If you don’t implement efficient QA processes, there are only two possible outcomes: you can continue to let poor-quality products and services pass through your production line, or you can devote a lot of time and energy to audit and correct errors in the process.

Why waste time and resources on a problem without any guarantees of success? Even the most heroic efforts from your team won’t catch every mistake and omission. Efficient QA processes give you the best of both worlds: better outcomes with less human resource investment. Those savings go directly to your bottom line.

Whether you work in a highly regulated industry or not, you can’t afford the cost of errors and fraud within your organization. With efficient QA, you can ensure good quality work product without the need for intense human effort and a slower rate of workflow.

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