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5 Benefits of Proactive Support

March 1, 2017

When you think about customer service, most people imagine a reactive approach. A customer has a problem, contacts your support team, and then you act to resolve the issue. This approach works well for some businesses, but you need to do better if you want to separate yourself from the competition.

Proactive customer service puts you in the driver’s seat, and it offers a higher level of customer satisfaction and user success. There are five key benefits to a proactive customer support approach: detection, loyalty, feedback, monitoring, and ease of help.

1. Detection

Proactive customer management doesn’t wait for the problems to happen. If you build an early warning system for customer pain points, you have a better chance of building a positive relationship with your clients. You need user advocates within your organization to help you better understand where problems could arise.

That’s why we actually focus on monitoring adoption of different parts of our platform and new features. This allows us to detect dips in utilization or low adoption and then get in front of the conversation with customers. Better support for fast results translates to happy customers.

2. Build Loyalty

It’s a great feeling when someone anticipates your needs. In a restaurant, it might be filling your water glass before it gets empty. At a car dealership, it might be transferring your radio presets to your new vehicle. These little service touches can go a long way to build loyalty.

When your customer sees that you take extra care to anticipate problems before they occur, they feel respected and valued. Through a proactive service strategy, you can ensure user success before problems occur.

3. Early Feedback System

There’s nothing worse than not hearing about problems until after you can do something to solve them. With proactive customer support, your users can help you design and refine your services to better serve your clientele. Early detection of bugs and other frustration points for your users make it a lot easier to solve your problems quickly and with the minimum impact on your users’ success.

With proactive customer support, you can get early intel on trouble coming over the horizon. Your users will appreciate your efforts to improve your products and services, plus it helps them “buy in” to the community of user advocates for your firm when they feel part of the process of improvement.

4. Monitoring Channels

With proactive customer support, you have a constant stream of positive and negative feedback that you can use to improve your products. If there is a bug in your recent software update or you inadvertently removed a useful feature, your customer monitoring system can react and respond in a timely fashion before you lose control of the situation.

By monitoring your reactive and proactive support teams, you can anticipate problems with your business before you lose customers.

5. Self-Help

Self-help sits somewhere between proactive and reactive support, and it should be an important piece of your overall support strategy. If you design your customer support with self-help in mind, you allow your users to solve their own problems without your intervention. If you put the time and effort into your self-help section, you can earn it back with a reduced strain on your customer support team.

You need user advocates to help you design your layout and processes to maximize efficiency for both user success and ease of service at your end. You should always consider the needs and wants of your users before you deploy any new customer support functions.

Proactive support is all about solving problems before your users know they have them. It’s not always easy to operate this way, but it pays dividends in customer loyalty and user success. It takes a little extra thought and consideration to build a proactive support system, but the benefits are well worth the investment.

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