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5 Ways to Market Your Background Check Company

March 2, 2017

When it comes to background check companies, the art of marketing comes with challenges. You are not only a business-to-business service, but also could be used by law enforcement, government agencies, and rental companies/landlords. This means that not only will you need to market to your main players, but also to a wide range of businesses and individuals.

Here are five ways to market your background check company:

1. Talk with your existing clients

If you already have a great customer base, use them. The best way is to send a letter to your client base asking for permission to have someone contact them about your company. Then hire an outside agency or person to conduct interviews with clients.

Ask about brand values, experience, and any extra comments. Bring the results together, look for patterns and then send a thank-you letter for participation. This is a learning experience, but will allow your company to change for the future, and for success.

2. Creative marketing goes a long way

No one likes getting junk mail from the postal service or unsolicited marketing materials via email, but creative marketing can result in people valuing your correspondence once again. This not a new concept, but many traditional businesses -- and especially background check companies -- forget to encompass this in their marketing plans.

It can be as simple as sending your business information plus a restaurant gift card or coupon that says 'enjoy dinner on us.' The best part of creative marketing is that goes a long way in social media.

3. Public relations is key

Public relations (PR) firms can cost an arm and a leg, but they are helpful for success in marketing, so look for cost-effective options. There are some amazing start-up PR firms out there and many are experienced in helping background check companies. Make sure to communicate your vision and let them work their magic for your business.

4. Leverage is your friend

In the background check business, you will have some key relationships and you need to leverage them to be successful in marketing. Educate these individuals, ask for referrals and testimonials, and let them become an advocator for your business. They will not only lead to new clients, but will be able to publicly acknowledge your skills to potential customers.

5. Email marketing

There was a time when background check companies avoided email, but the value of marketing via online newsletters is growing in popularity again. Send out weekly or monthly, briefly announcing new products or sharing success stories.

Make sure the newsletter is visually interesting with quality photos or graphics and invest in a solid delivery platform. Save the postage and use email marketing to make your marketing dollars go further.

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