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Why I Like Working With Millennials

February 10, 2017

Let’s face it Millennials have been getting a really bad wrap. I admit it, for a while I was reluctant to hire millennials based on the bad press and stories I had heard from business peers. We know the accusations; laze, entitled, lack focus, determination, want a reward for showing up to work on time, want everything now, not willing to be put through the paces of learning and experience, on and on.

So when we began turning our business model towards mobile and the best user experience, who could I turn to? That’s right. These kids know mobile, they know good design, they are passionate about it, and they know new technology and services like it’s nobodies business!

Why is this?

It’s because as we all know we are in a time of change, in the 1990’s and 2000’s we witnessed a technological revolution that has influenced those who are now joining the workforce. This group has been touted as the millennials, and as such, have different ideals and goals than their predecessors. No longer do they only strive for a house with a white picket fence and a stable job for their career. In today’s world these young people are looking to break through on their own, and make a better world to live in tomorrow. As a hiring manager, you may be a little cautious when approaching younger millennials for work. However, once you understand where these people are coming from, you will be in a great position to succeed with this hirings.

Technology is King

When you grow up with a cell phone in hand, and the world literally at your fingertips, you are going to be a slave to technology. Technology has enabled millennials to be by some expert’s claims, the freest thinking generation the world has ever seen. On average, these millennials will switch their attention from screen to screen 27 times per hour, and companies with strict technology rules need to start to rethink policies. A study by Cisco Systems confirmed that one in three millennials consider social media freedom and work mobility over salary when they are choosing a job. If you and your company willing to take a hard look at social media policies, your ability to hire millennials will greatly increase.

Advancement Based

The time of the complacent worker is quickly going out the window, and present day millennials are pushing the envelope and climbing the corporate ladder. These fresh workers are looking for real-time feedback, and frequent check-ins, the 12-month review process is too slow for these up and coming workers. These young adults have grown up in an era of advancement, and they strive to constantly improve themselves. A company that thinks ahead, and knows that their workforce will want to continually advance will be well set up for the future.

Work Culture is Key

The office lifestyle does not appeal to the average millennial, and those offices who are promoting that will soon be left the way of the Dodo bird. Instead, they want a workplace that not only allows them to pursue their ideas but one that allows for paid sabbaticals, promotes friendships with coworkers and a fair amount of leave. No, you do not have to re-create a Googleplex, instead, a millennial workforce is looking for something authentic that will make a true difference in their lives.

I like to work with millennials because they really do challenge me to think different. They don’t have the same work hard, get rich, attitude that got me where I am today. That’s just not as important. I like that. They care about a working culture, being more relaxed or “chilled”, and when I’m not acting according to our values, they call me out on it. And now that they are here to stay and contribute so much to the growth of deverus I’m here to say, they are some of the hardest working people in the industry and will be the people you lean on in times of panic. They perform wonderfully under stress and are able to do the extra work that most gen x or gen y refuse to do. However, they are a fluid bunch, and if an opportunity out of town attracts them, they will simply go if they are unhappy. Don’t be afraid of those under 30, they are the very people who could revolutionise your company, and make you the premier brand in your industry, as long as they get some time off to enjoy it.

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