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ATS integrations are imperative to win big contracts for CRAs

February 15, 2017

As any HR manager will tell you, tracking your applicants and following them through the hiring process can be difficult tasks at the best of times. If you require background checks, drug testing, or other employee verification tools, it becomes even harder. Background check companies need to offer full integration to make it easier for HR managers and hiring directors to stay on top of their applicants’ progress.

If you want to win big contracts with big companies, you need to anticipate and be able to react to their needs. Background checks are a key piece of the hiring puzzle. It often takes time to perform these essential checks into a candidate’s history, so it becomes crucial to manage the delivery of the information and produce it in a useful format. Large organizations like Fortune 500 companies and other top employers rely on sophisticated software packages and other tools to help them manage their workflow. If you want to get a piece of the action from a large company, you need to be able to work within their existing system.

Applicant tracking systems offer a lot of functionality and organization when you have to manage the hiring process for hundreds of people at a time. There is a lot to manage from the resume submission all the way through to the onboarding exercises. At some point during this lengthy process, HR managers often need to perform background checks and drug testing. If your bid for these services includes easy integration into their existing tracking systems, you’ll have a big leg up over the competition. If you don’t invest in the future now, you might get left behind as other companies step in to provide the high level of service that clients demand.

The pace of recruitment and the challenges of HR in a large organization are an opportunity for those background check companies that offer better service with more seamless integration. If your firm invests in integration tools to make it easier to provide your services without the need for lots of data entry, you’ll be able to offer a superior experience for your clients. The background check companies that take the lead and look to the future of HR and recruitment will benefit from adopting an integrated approach before it becomes the industry standard.

On your next proposal or bid for a large contract with a big client, you can offer a higher level of service and satisfaction if you start thinking about applicant tracking systems integration today. Invest some time and energy into building better services for your customers, and they will reward you with bigger and better contracts for you and your team. If you make it easier for them to do the job, they’ll be happy to work with you again and again. Doing a good job at background checks is about providing the right information at the right time in the right format. Make your services more competitive and convenient by including applicant tracking systems integration in your service package.

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