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The Power of Getting Personal in User Experience

February 11, 2017

At its surface, user experience refers to the way a user interacts or engages with a website or other application.

There are plenty of articles available that outline that process, so I’d like to take it one step further by digging into how we do it at deverus.

We get to know our users so we can better design around their needs. While it may sound cliche, it’s one thing that clearly sets us apart as a software provider.

Why do we believe getting to know our clients is the most important thing we can do as a user experience department? There are three primary reasons.

1. Client Rapport

As a SaaS provider, it is our job to help our clients look good to their clients. Background check companies are selling their services using the software we’ve developed. Ensuring our product is one they can confidently sell is something we take very seriously.

It is my role within deverus to engage our clients so I can act on their behalf throughout the development and design process. I travel to their places of business, conduct regular conference calls, and learn their processes and the difficulties they experience using our software.

The result is that our clients know they are heard. They don’t get everything they want because that just isn’t possible with a large number of clients using the same software, but they know we are striving to simplify their workflow.

2. Workflow Efficiency

Client workflow isn’t the only workflow impacted by this strategy. Because we take the time to survey and get to know our clients prior to the planning and building out of our software and features, we benefit as well.

We save ourselves time as a business because we’re able to articulate the client perspective to our development team throughout the build-out process. This results in a much better company experience and a huge time savings.

Before I joined deverus, we simply took client requests and attempted to implement them as much as possible. This is a faulty process because, as experts, we should be the ones dictating changes and improvements within the system.

Now when our clients come to us with requests, we can see the bigger picture having gotten to know them and their processes. It allows our developers to work more efficiently with a much better understanding of our clients.

3. Company Morale

Our proactive approach to usability also helps with company morale. Fielding constant requests and complaints can be exhausting, especially when each situation is “spot treated” instead of fully looked into the way it should be.

Developers are working on their heels trying to make everyone happy, but they are at a disadvantage without the bigger picture. The customer service team is left with irritated clients. The approach can really wear on developers, user success, usability, and the organization as a whole.

Taking a proactive approach to know clients the way we do has changed everything. Now we can strategically plan our development process, which puts us out in front of problems.

Final Thoughts

Getting to know our clients and their businesses the way I do is something I genuinely enjoy. I take great pride in the process and the shift in philosophy has been a game-changer for deverus.

The clients are happy and we’re happy. We can’t get any better than that.

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