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We May Not Be Changing the World … But We Act Like We Are

December 27, 2016

There are some jobs that directly impact humanity in a big way. Doctors, firefighters, law enforcement, military — these individuals carry a huge weight with their day-to-day work.

The majority of us don’t live in that reality. Baristas, drug store clerks, garbage collectors, and maintenance people don’t claim they’re changing the world. Instead they do their jobs and go home at the end of the day to no fanfare.

Still, I challenge you to think of the most influential professionals you come across a daily basis. I’d wager some of them perform seemingly-mundane tasks, but leave a lasting impression.

Maybe a barista knows your order by heart, or a drug store clerk makes you feel like a million bucks every time you pick up your prescription. Your neighborhood garbage collectors may keep your front yard in perfect order while your maintenance person saves you money by catching problems early.

My point is that within every job is an ability to be great. It’s a mentality we’ve adopted here at deverus and one you can adopt within your business.

The key is finding your purpose at every level: within your organization, each department, and as individuals.

Your Organization

At deverus, our purpose is to engage in everything we do with an eye toward improving client and end user experience. If we create what we genuinely believe to be the best possible software solution but it doesn’t solve a problem for our clients, we’ve failed.

If you are a CEO, know that the health of your organizational purpose will directly impact the health of your business. Team member morale will rise if they believe their work has meaning.

Set your overall purpose, communicate it, and reinforce it when you see it being implemented. Your business will be much better for it.

Your Departments

Each of our deverus departments understands its role within the organization. Whether it’s Solutions, User Success, User Experience, or Software Development, there is a clearly-defined purpose that runs much deeper than ever before.

In recent years, we have dug into the “why” behind the “what.” “Good enough” is no longer good enough. Each of our departments understands that and carries its own role.

Our User Experience team, for example, is tasked with getting to know our clients so our software best serves them. Our User Success team troubleshoots client issues to effectively diagnose and communicate to other departments.

Each department within your business should understand why it is critical to the whole and how it works with other departments. This will drive them to give their best effort, knowing they are working toward a larger goal.


When a clear purpose is set for your organization and each department, individuals have the opportunity to thrive.

Clearly-defined goals at deverus allow our team members to set their day-to-day purposes. Talk to any of them and they will passionately tell you why they do what they do.

We develop and maintain background check software for a living, which isn’t the glamorous work of doctors or firefighters. Still, we know our software makes lives easier. We know that because we’ve made it a part of our purpose.

Having that purpose as an organization and within each department will help each and every team member recognize why he or she is critical to your business.

Believe me when I say: the power is in the purpose.

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