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The Top 5 Benefits of AWS for Background Check Companies

November 12, 2016

With Amazon Web Services and the Cloud, background check companies have come a long ways from concerns about even putting background checks on the Internet. Up until the early 2000’s most companies used old software connected to an internal server and faxed around job applications and background check reports.

So with a lot of background check companies going to the Cloud, it’s truly a brave new world. deverus recently made the migration and our customers couldn’t be happier. Here are 5 main benefits to consider if you are thinking of moving to AWS.

Uptime All the Time

Working in the cloud doesn’t automatically prevent downtime, but as a consumer you can have a reasonable expectation of high performance and minimal issues. AWS topped Google and Microsoft in terms of cloud uptime in 2015, and consistently delivers on their SLA guarantee of 99.95% uptime. Actually, since deverus moved to AWS in July of 2016, we’ve been up 100%!


One of the greatest benefits of migrating to a cloud computing platform is the elasticity cloud computing provides. No longer are IT departments forced to estimate their computing needs, instead capacity can be increased or decreased at a moment's notice. Gone are the days of buying massive servers in anticipation of a project (and spending a significant amount of money in the process), only to find that a percentage of the server is actually being utilized. Businesses also no longer have to scramble to back-up files or move items into archive to make space for new projects when a physical server nears capacity. Instead, computing power and data storage is easily adjusted via a web dashboard from AWS.

Disaster Recovery

As Amazon is responsible for the data and processing for millions of businesses, they have incredible redundancy and fail-safe protocols in place to keep data safe and backed-up. With a 99.95% guaranteed uptime, businesses can be confident knowing that their data will always be available. Plus, end users don’t need to worry about having back-up protocols in place or having to invest in physical media to store old and archived files – Amazon takes care of all of this!

Enhanced Cost Management

The IaaS platform provides two major cost management benefits. The first is that an IaaS such as Amazon Web Services is available as a monthly service. Businesses can stretch their IT budgets across 12 months rather than having to make sure they have large sums of funding available for massive, on-time IT system upgrades or overhauls. Another benefit is that it eliminates the need to continue to purchase and maintain physical hardware which improves IT budgets while saving on cooling and electric costs.

Everyone Gets the Same High Level of Security

Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean less security. That’s a fallacy. But neither is the cloud perfectly safe. Don’t trust anyone who tells you it is. The best you can do is mitigate your risks, and Amazon has done quite a bit of risk mitigation. With AWS’s security model, you’re not outsourcing every security decision. Whether you’re a single user or a large enterprise, AWS provides the same world-class security.

All data is stored in secure AWS data centers that meet compliance and data residency requirements. You’ll need to learn the essentials of Amazon Web Services so you can properly configure AWS for your business and your clients.

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