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What Glassdoor Means to Employers

February 4, 2016

Glassdoor is an employer review site with job boards, resume posting, and other tools to connect employers and employees. Users can log onto the site and post reviews of their employers to help job seekers better understand companies and what it’s like to work there. Glassdoor has a rating system for employers based on an average of employee reviews. The folks at Glassdoor release an annual Employees’ Choice Awards list of the best employers. The site uses advanced algorithms to weed out fake reviews to ensure high-quality and accurate data collection. The company says they reject almost one in five reviews due to inaccuracies or fake profiles. Small companies have slightly different rules for posting than large organizations to help protect the identities of the reviewer.

What does this all mean for employers? Like Yelp, Amazon, or other sites with customer reviews, Glassdoor provides a lot of information (good and bad) to potential hires. Managing your brand as an employer is a crucial part of attracting and retaining the top talent you need for your organization. Your potential hires can access not only company information and salaries, but also work-life balance reports, CEO/executive pay, workplace culture, and much more. Recent studies including one done by Glassdoor UK show that Glassdoor is one of the most trusted places to go for information on a potential employer. Ignore them at your own peril!

In 2010, Glassdoor launched a new program aimed at employers, “Enhanced Employer Profiles.” Employers can create their own accounts to help them manage their Glassdoor profiles to attract the best talent. You can post information about your company, executive bios, classifieds, referral links, and social media pages. Some employers even post sample interview questions and offer tips on landing your next dream job at their offices. Glassdoor isn’t only being used by employees and job seekers, though. It’s become a popular site to visit to learn more about potential new clients or suppliers. It’s a great resource to check up on a company and how they rate according to their employees.

Glassdoor isn’t something you can ignore as an employer. Managing your reputation and attracting the best people to your organization is a year-round job. While Glassdoor makes it easy for employers and employees to connect, the effect of bad reviews and poor employee relations can be devastating for a hiring firm. Make sure you put some time into your Glassdoor profile and consider subscribing to their Enhanced Employee Profiles to get the most out of your Glassdoor experience. Your potential hires are probably checking you out on Glassdoor. It’s worth your time and effort to generate a good profile there to help you attract and retain the best possible employees for your team. Glassdoor is growing quickly and has become one of the most trusted places online to learn about companies and their corporate culture. The company expanded to markets around the world including the UK, Germany, Brazil, and many more. You can’t afford to ignore the impact of Glassdoor and other employer review sites.

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