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Why You Need to Be Thinking About Mobile Background Checks

December 30, 2016


If you are an employer, you might benefit from the ease and accessibility of mobile background checks. With the proliferation of smartphones and the progress in app design, there are many options for mobile background checks right at your fingertips. These apps make it simple, affordable, and convenient to run background checks on clients, tenants, new employees, and anyone you need to vet using a background check. With new legislation regarding privacy and the growing power of Big Data analytics, it’s never been better to rely on a mobile background check provider. They make sure you follow all the relevant privacy and information collection laws without sacrificing time or the quality of the reports.


There’s an obvious benefit to doing your searches on mobile: convenience. If you are interviewing a potential hire away from your desk, you’re often left with two choices: stop the process to give yourself time to do the appropriate searches, or proceed without doing a search at all. Why derail your efforts to find quality talent for your team? With mobile background checks, you can perform all your necessary due diligence without missing a beat. Just open up the app, fill out the information, and let the magic happen! These affordable and accessible tools make it so easy to get your hands on quality background checks with all the public records and personal information you need to make good decisions.


It’s important to find the right mobile background check provider for your intended use. Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), you must use the right kind of background check service allowed under the law. This legislation protects tenants, employees, candidates, borrowers, and people seeking financial services such as insurance. Many of the popular mobile background search apps such as BeenVerified do not allow any use for business purposes (hiring, leasing, approving credit, etc.) Make sure you find the right type of background check app to use for your requirements and individual situation. Steer clear of legal trouble and check out the Terms and Conditions of your preferred mobile background check service to make sure you comply with the most recent consumer protection laws in the US.


Mobile background checks are a powerful tool for employers to run quick searches on potential hires. Save time and money with the convenience and ease of a mobile app. The best providers offer access to millions of public records without the need for countless trips to your county records office or filling out endless forms for credit agencies and other data collection firms. Mobile background searches are easy to do, and they often offer live support to help you with any questions or concerns. Don’t skip the important step of doing background checks to confirm the quality and truthfulness of your potential hires or new tenants. It’s easy, informative, and a big step up from the background checks you are used to doing. Try it today!

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