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Why the User Experience Matters for Background Check Companies

January 25, 2017

A background check, it is one of the fundamental steps in securing employment with the vast majority of large companies, and all companies who work within government or with classified material. It not only allows employers to check the factuality of one’s resume but provides valuable information regarding criminal records and employment history. However, those companies and programs that run background checks have seemingly forgotten one key element in their design, user experience.

User Experience, or UX for short, is simply how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. UX encompasses a number of factors including usability, accessibility, ergonomics, utility, performance, design/aesthetics, overall human interaction and marketing. However, one thing to remember is that these factors are either controllable by designers and developers, while others are simply environmental or user performance.

UX is not usability

One thing to remember is that UX is not the same as usability. Usability is the effectiveness of a site design, and how easy it is to navigate for users. UX is the experience, intuition, connection and emotion that the user feels when using the site. Usability is a major component of the overall UX. One key thing to take away is when it comes to digital products, UX can be just as important as visual identity and the two should be thought about in tandem.

Background check companies are notorious for having a terrible UX. Their sites are plain and enact little to no emotion. However, with a smartphone, computer screen and tablet, users are now opening a new experience that is unique to that device. Successful UX evoked engagement or purpose on any device, affects sentiment and influences behavior, and this is what many background check companies are missing.

Be a difference maker

We all have heard ‘the medium is the message’, but in today’s technical world the medium is now the experience. No longer can you only design for the medium, you need to design the experience where the medium becomes an enabler to the journey and the end as devised. Background companies have struggled for years with their engagement numbers. However, these companies have been running engagement as a campaign, this is incorrect. To be a true difference maker in the marketplace, a background check company will need to realise that engagement is a continuum where technology is merely an enabler for a greater vision, mission and purpose.

Take it seriously

Now is the time for background companies to start taking UX seriously. No longer will a boring site attract top clients, to be the best you will need to start to understand what will make a client want to interact with your product. The digital world continues to change, and with that comes a need for a revitalization of the background check industry. Be a true pathfinder, and find a way to not only focus on UX but excel at delivering a premium UX interaction.

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