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CRAs What’s Your Mobile Strategy?

August 30, 2018

More than a year ago, we introduced the idea of a mobile solution for applicants to background check companies with little or no interest. Most said that customers were not interest and the current way of getting applicants into the process worked fine.

We begged to differ because of the research we had done on how much time applicants spend on their phones searching for jobs, completing applications, and just generally occupied on mobile media most of the day. We believed that we could create an easy to use mobile solution, we could improve the applicant experience, speed up application processing time and provide transparency through the process. This seemed like a win/win for everyone.

We are happy to report that our bet paid off. For the past couple of quarters deverus’ Swifthire Mobile has been live and taking the market by storm. We have been overwhelmed by the number of brand named businesses adopting Swifthire Mobile. They say it is “a must have tool” to initiate the background check process given today’s mobile workforce. In the past few months the number of applicants has grown more than 220% week by week. Clients are winning business and can’t get HR on fast enough. It’s success is beyond what we had imagined.

So the question for CRAs is, if it’s indisputable that the market is going towards mobile, if you do not have a mobile solution to take advantage of this trend that’s here to stay, what is your strategy?

We are seeing more and more CRAs coming to deverus behind the curve, about to lose a customer, missing an RFP, or generally wondering how they can catch up when the market is moving past them.

We’ve been working hard helping these companies use Swifthire Mobile to quickly adopt a mobile strategy that helps them compete in the marketplace. We’ve created an onboarding model that let’s CRAs get Swifthire Mobile in their client’s hands in days, instead of months.

Join our webinar on Friday the 14th 2018 to see how Swifthire Mobile is shaking up the industry and how you can get on board!

Join us on our Webinar on Friday September 14th at 11.00AM to 11:30 CST

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