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CRAs You Are a Technology Company

March 31, 2018

Let us start with a statement you might not agree with at the moment, CRA’s and background check companies are technology companies. This statement may shock you, and for some of you might be up in arms, but by the end of this article, you might just see our point. Here are the five reasons that we can consider CRA’s and background check companies technology companies.

The need to go mobile

We here at deverus have been at the forefront of this change, but for many in the industry, the demands of the consumer have adjusted the once online business into a mobile one. CRA’s need to be able to quickly and easily transition their content to mobile, while still maintaining the more powerful online option as well. This is not an easy task, and leaders in the industry have been able to master the joint mobile and traditional online spheres have flourished.

User Experience is essential

A generic website is no longer enough in our business, instead companies that have advanced plugins and easily navigable sites are prospering. With both the online and mobile side of the operation, the user experience is key, and without it, your company will be lost in the sands of time.

Speed and Accuracy are kings

Background check companies live and breath on their ability to be accurate and speedy on checks. This comes down to a company’s ability to host their data and relay important information with accurate results. This can only happen with a company that is looking forward with technology, and utilizing the right sources and filters to ensure that the information the end user is not only quick but without faults.

Security is one of our strengths

As CRA’s are often charged to look up and store personal files, the security of these files is of the utmost importance. Thus, top-level CRA's not only employed top of the line security methods but will work with clients to ensure encryption standards are kept up. Online security is a tough business, but CRA’s depend on their client's trust in the CRA’s backend and front-end security to keep clients files safe.

Transparent and Fair System

For today’s CRA’s the ability to conduct a transparent and fair background check is easier than ever. By removing unneeded human interaction, and allowing for complex algorithms to search instead of humans, biases are simply removed. The result of this is a better candidate for our clients, and no matter, if they are looking for a visible minority candidate, female candidates or someone who will just be perfect for the job, a top of the line CRA, will be able to deliver them with transparent and fair ethical standards.

So, let’s review, CRA’s need to be able to go mobile, have an emphasis on the user experience, make sure their responses are quick and accurate, ensure that security is tough and produce transparent and fair candidates. Take out CRA, and you should be able to place any technology-driven HR company or even just a technology company in general. Thus, simply put, CRA’s and background check companies are truly at the heart, a technology company.

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