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The True Cost of Downtime

December 1, 2017

As an online company, striving to have your business or product operate at close to 100% uptime is normally one of the hallmarks of a successful venture. This is very difficult to do, but dependency and reliability are some of the metrics that will ensure your product is picked over your competitors. However, one thing that we do not talk about, especially in the background check industry, is the true cost of downtime. Downtime can be considered anything from issues with communication with the server, or simply maintenance on your hardware, the bottom line is there is a cost to downtime, but how much is it?

To better understand downtime, let us first start with uptime and the number nine. If you have purchased web domains or hosting services, you will often see 99.9% uptime advertised. This means that only 0.1% of the time, your services will be down. This is an industry standard, and for those companies that are operating on a standard service level agreement (SLA), this is the norm. Now here is the issue, the 0.1% downtime equates to 43 minutes per month or nine hours per year. Imagine during the busiest month of your company, going down for nine hours. It would kill your bottom line, and for a background check company, nine hours without access to a client’s file could mean the difference between hiring or losing a candidate. However, money talks, so let us talk some cold hard facts.

In the United Kingdom, according to Statista, e-commerce revenues will hit £440 trillion over the next five years. That means, if every e-commerce business runs on an SLA, the potential loss of business due to downtime would be £440 billion. That is a lot of money, and for a smaller company, even this 0.1% downtime could mean the difference between survival and closing its doors. However, money is not the only thing that you could potentially use. A study in the United Kingdom conducted in 2017 asked 1000 consumers about downtime and their opinions on a brand. Sixty-eight percent of people state that if a platform crashed, their opinion would be negatively affected. While thirty-seven percent of respondents would simply avoid buying from a brand if they experienced downtime. This is a concerning reality for those in the e-commerce business, but in the background check industry, this is even more concerning.

This is because more and more background check companies have started to make the move to online options for their background checks, but much more have gone the cheaper route and relied on classic SLA’s for their hosting options. In the background industry uptime means that your company can complete and access checks with ease, but when the other guys cut corners on hosting services it will ensure that your file is not always available when you need it.

Here at deverus we have invested in our infrastructure and provide our clients with a more than 99.9% uptime with our use of Amazon Web Services cloud computing power. You will always be able to access your files, and file background checks with the knowledge that you can rely on deverus to be up and available. This is our guarantee, and part of the reason that over thirty-five thousand businesses trust deverus to produce and maintain their background checks.

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