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Integration-Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

November 2, 2017

ATS Domination, Integration-Platform as a Service (IPaaS), and the background check industry’s new mandate for self-service integrations

deverus has always been on the cutting edge of technology in the background check industry. Whether it’s creating new ways to simplify the process or improving the overall UX, our focus is on creating an amazing background check experience. With the launch of our integration manager (IM) and focus on IPaaS (Integration-Platform as a Service) we are blazing a new trail to perhaps one of the most important components of the background check company’s (CRA) ability to survive in the today’s marketplace, namely integration proliferation. The IM will allow CRAs to create their integrations through our platform using some of the best UX, while also putting error handling, monitoring, reporting, and additional configurations at their fingertips. This type of flexibility and automation is revolutionary for the background check industry.


For the past decade applicant tracking systems have taken the background check industry by storm. Once upon a time, the CRAs had a one to one relationship with human resource. They faxed their names for background checks or even went online to fill out orders and called or emailed when delays or problems arose. But with the proliferation of ATS across any size businesses providing an end to end applicant “tracking” experience and integrating to so many services to make it easy for HR to choose vendors, the CRA is just another “connection” or “integration” selling a commodity where everything looks and sounds the same. And now since the one to one relationship has been replaced and there are so many CRAs fighting to be integrated into the ATS, CRAs seem like just another replaceable vendor where price is the most important factor.

This outcome has been extremely challenging for most CRAs because to gain and even keep existing business, they must be integrated into multiple applicant tracking systems and maintain those integrations while absorbing all the cost. It is not uncommon for a mid-market CRA to be integrated into more than 40 ATSs with over 300 integrations for different HR customers in various market segments.

Creating and managing these integrations have become a costly nightmare for the CRA while the applicant tracking systems continue to bring on more CRAs to their platforms and increase revenue share demands. This difficult situation exists because in the past integrations have been complicated involving multiple developers, collaboration with the ATS, testing, roll out, then back- end monitoring and maintenance. The real dollars for time and resources can make most integrations cost more than $10K per integration, and the continual cost of maintenance in many cases is unclear. Also, most ATS or CRAs have a backlog of integrations that could take more than six months to complete. With both integration costs and lengthy implementation times, what’s a CRA to do? How can they compete with other CRAs with the same problems?

Integrations In Minutes

Yes, you heard right! Using deverus’ new Integration Manager iPasS will allow CRAs to create integrations inside the platform with minimal resources, development time, operational overhead, and within minutes! The drive for this service came from knowing the challenges our customers faced daily trying to integrate to all of the ATS, then having to wait for our backlog to get integrations complete. And with the nature of integrations, there were continual errors as well as latency and connection issues.

To overcome these challenges, we focused on three pain points. (1) How do we cut down on the time to integrate while increasing the number of integrations? (2) How do we improve transparency and visibility into the process so the CRA can be proactive in reviewing errors, notifying customers, and in some case fixing those errors? (3) How do you control the spiraling costs of integrations both for development and maintenance.

For the 1st pain point, we created a new framework that allows us truly to integrate once to an ATS in the IM, while still cutting that initial integration down to two weeks, and that’s one week of configuration, one week of testing, then roll out. Once that ATS is integrated, it will show up to the CRA as an integration partner, and with only a few clicks, the CRA can configure the integration, test and be off and running with new HR connections in minutes. This is truly revolutionary because we’ve cut the initial, standard integration time down to 2 weeks and then we allow the CRA to do the HR connections in minutes. Also, we will be adding new ATS weekly, so in just a few months all the major ATS will be integrated, and then it will be a matter of minutes for most HR connections.

For the 2nd pain point, we created a one of a kind integration manager dashboard inside of the CRA administration module that allows for real-time monitoring of the status, health, and configurations of all the CRA’s integrations. Within seconds, the CRA can see the applicant volume, turn around time, errors, the health of the integration, proactive monitoring tools, as well as the ability to drill down and make certain configuration changes. This does two things. First, it gives the CRA oversight into the integrations so they can be proactive in reporting their customers or the ATS. Secondly, it puts the power of error handling and configuration into the CRAs hands, so they no longer need to rely on busy developers to diagnosis and fix errors or change configuration details.

For the 3rd pain point, we’ve been able to automate a lot of the cumbersome processes related to the initial integration and then put the power of configuration into the hands of the CRA. When implementation is down to minutes, it dramatically reduces both initial and recurring maintenance costs to $2,500 per standard integration. That means the CRA pays only $2,500 to get integrated into an ATS in minutes. This is what we call a competitive advantage and a true differentiator when using deverus technology.

For almost a decade, deverus’ intention has been to create an integration platform so easy to use, with a few point and clicks, an integration is done. With our new integration manager, we’ve done just that. This revolutionary platform puts the control of integrations in the hands of the user, not developers; what took months now takes minutes. That’s what the IM delivers. Integration Automation, Self Service, Visibility and Monitoring, All at your fingertips.

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