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Fear and Loathing in Background Screening

August 29, 2017
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If you put yourself in the shoes of a candidate facing a background check, you could empathize with it being a pretty stressful experience. Even among the most pure and innocent of applicants, there is always a risk that an error was made along the way that could yield a negative result. While candidates certainly have the right to request their background check report, it’s typically not something they ever consider. Generally, if an applicant makes it to the point of consenting to a background check as a condition of employment, it’s usually a formality. The candidate is excited, sometimes a bit nervous, but confident that their screening will come back clear and they can set a start date for their new opportunity.

Unfortunately, in about 20 percent of cases, a background screen returns with some type of negative result; this could be due to anything from a simple data entry error to a real conviction. This is where it gets interesting. Crickets. Nothing, nada. Persona non grata. The candidates’ worst fears are realized when suddenly, they don’t hear back from the company that they thought their contingent offer was a done deal and the applicant doesn’t even know what happened or what to do.

This happens all too often. Once a candidate signs the consent to a background check, which they usually don’t even remember they have done, everything goes behind the curtain. They have virtually no control in the process, no visibility into the status, no ability to review documents or consents. Sometimes, they haven’t even read their own report. And they certainly don’t have the ability to dispute it simply and easily.

That’s where technology comes into play. By putting the control in the applicant’s hands via mobile enabled tools, candidates can enter their own information and drastically reduce errors as well as ease the burden of data entry for background check companies and HR departments. Technology, such as our flagship product, Swifthire Mobile, enables candidates to pay for their own background check (if that is the company policy), track the entire process, see what screenings are being conducted, review all necessary (and only necessary) consents and disclosures, read reports and dispute them as necessary.

Giving the applicant control over the process is not only empowering, it actually takes a stressful experience and makes it manageable which improves both the candidate experience and speed to hire.

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