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It’s an ATS World

June 20, 2017

Many industries are experiencing rapid changes in response to advanced technology, and the world of recruiting and HR management is no exception. What we see happening in the background check industry as it relates to Applicant Tracking Systems is a call for the industry to stand up and take notice—and take control.

Since utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is now the standard for HR, there is downward pressure on background check companies to up their game. The industry has been competing on both price and ability to integrate with the ATS world. The reality is that price has painted the industry as a commodity player and ATS integrations are going to be table stakes. The looming threat that ATS companies will start to bring background check technology platforms on board means margins will be further compressed and the value that background check companies bring will be marginalized and at risk.

Commoditization has been a cold, hard fact in the business, but it doesn’t have to be. The reality is, we’ve been competing on price, and background check companies have struggled to offer much in the way of differentiation to create value. A background check is a background check, right? Not so. The ATS world is just one of the market trends we see disrupting the category and there is a shift in power since background check companies haven’t effectively kept pace with rising expectations. The gaps are being filled by new players and new technology. HR departments are relying on ATS to automate and streamline their lives–the HR experience has improved, so it makes sense that background check experience needs to follow suit and position itself as a value player, not a commodity player.

At deverus, differentiation in an ATS world is about focusing on the user experience. That means we are committed to you, your customers (HR and staffing companies), and their customers (applicants), to deliver a clean, clear, intuitive user experience that provides transparency, disclosure and education to move through the applicant lifecycle. Whether it’s on a mobile device or on a computer, we have been maniacal about designing and delivering software that improves the user experience, creates differentiation and adds value for background check companies.

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