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Change Aversion–Don’t be left behind

June 15, 2017

We all know that change is hard. And change in business is even harder since there are so many dependencies, infrastructure, procedures, resources and investments that have been made in the way business has been conducted. “Change Management” is a booming sector because companies need help with navigating how change is going to impact the overall organization. There is also a lot of fear surrounding change; maybe your workforce will feel like their jobs are at risk, maybe the way certain things have been done will be exposed. Perhaps there is fear about the ability to learn something new or be productive in the face of changing expectations. Change can certainly be disruptive! But change is also good, especially when the possibilities and potential are realized and acknowledged. Wouldn’t it be great if there were no more workarounds, manual processes or slow, dated systems? That is the light at the end of the tunnel! But all too often, businesses live with the cards they are dealt because it’s too difficult to commit to change. The background check industry as a whole must step up and invest in innovation to stay competitive in the future.

The background check industry has been stagnant and resistant to change for years. We have been spending capital to maintain outdated legacy systems and throw bodies at the problem and now is the time to move this industry current. But how? There is a lot at stake and often, getting comfortable with taking the first steps is the key.

Growth and innovation requires an investment of time, energy, money and resources while mitigating potential risks. There are several ways to get started in your thinking around making an investment in change. First, consider a phased approach. With today’s technology, it’s no longer necessary to do everything at once and flip a switch to see if the lights go on. It is now possible to add solutions and modules in stages so your teams can be trained, you can effectively communicate changes, and get to a comfort level for the next change. Another way change aversion can be overcome is through side-by-side deployment of new systems and platforms. This approach allows you to keep everything in tact and use the new system to address problem areas, add new customers and offer new and exciting functionality without some of the drama that can go along with a wholesale change.

Finding a company to partner with to provide innovative solutions in the background check business is one of the most cost-effective ways of creating meaningful change for your company. There are only a few companies that have been able to consistently create positive change, and we are proud to be one of them. With ongoing mobile experience enhancements and the best user experiences in the industry, we have been partnering with companies for nearly 20 years to innovate the industry.

No longer can we be an industry that is averse to change. The time to innovate is now, and with the ability to break down some of the barriers, you can embrace change and benefit from the opportunity it brings.

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