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Accepting Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

June 8, 2017

In today’s business world, and especially in the background check business, everyone is looking for an competitive advantage. With globalization, and the ability for companies around the world to offer new solutions to your clients, a competitive edge is worth its weight in gold. Staying ahead often comes with recognizing and accepting that change must take place in in order to grow and stay on top. However, it’s difficult for companies to embrace the that short term pain associated with change is worth the long term gain for growth.

Looking for Clues that Change is Needed

When you think about your business, you’ll notice that many processes, procedures, training and technology have become embedded in the company culture. Over time, it becomes apparent that what worked in the past is now outdated. What used to be the best way to do something has now become labor intensive or time consuming. And this starts to chip away at your competitive advantage. Pay attention to the signs that change is needed when your employees are solving problems with workarounds or ‘outside the system’ maneuvers, or they have to make excuses for how long something takes. Also, look for the signs that your people have become so invested in the way things have always been done, they don’t recognize the need for change.

A Phased Approach

Because change itself and the change management associated with it can be so difficult, many companies take a phased approach in order to make it more manageable and less disruptive to day to day business. One of the most effective and efficient paths to implement change is through technology. Our experience has been to lay an advanced technology platform alongside existing systems so you can begin to transition with confidence and train your team without compromising business. This gives your team the breathing room to see how new technology helps them be successful without downtime or risk. Your employees will rapidly recognize the efficiencies and ease of updated technology which will open their receptiveness to future updates and upgrades.

Change is Hard, Failing is Harder

The fact is, since the idea of real change can be so overwhelming, most companies tend to delay putting an action plan in place. Unfortunately, some companies wait too long to initiate change and discover it’s too late. After all, making meaningful change requires effort over and above your day jobs and that can be challenging, time consuming and potentially risky if not done well.

The ability for a company to see through the haze of short term pain, and come through with long-term gain takes focus and drive. We offer one of the most intuitive background check technology platform solutions on the market and stand ready with proven implementation and onboarding plans to help you manage change and achieve your goals.

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