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Why the Candidate Experience is the Key to Future Success

June 5, 2017

Candidates may not pay your invoices, but they are your core customers in a certain sense. While HR managers and hiring directors ought to be a key focus of your UX design, it also pays to pay a little more attention to the experience of candidates. Whether or not your background check process has direct candidate input or not, candidates can make or break your process. If you make it easy for candidates to navigate your background check procedures, they will reward you with faster completion rates, better data, and reliable results your clients can trust.

Candidate Success is Your Success

If you provide background check services for businesses and other organizations, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Working closely with your clients often means taking a step back from direct contact with the candidate pool. It’s important to remember that candidates and their experiences can shape the ultimate success of your service offering. If prime candidates get frustrated or delayed with a poorly-designed background check process, they may get discouraged and look elsewhere for employment. If your processes aren’t attuned to the needs of candidates as well as employers, you run the risk of delivering bad results. Delays, errors, and omissions cost you and the hiring company time and money – but they hurt candidates, too. Losing days and weeks to slow background checks can be very frustrating when you’re ready to work.

Incorporate Candidate Complaints and Feedback

One of the best ways to improve your background check process is to listen. Make sure you ask your clients to report any problems they might hear from candidates. Errors in coding and unclear instructions can easily derail the hiring process. Make sure you are listening to your clients and give them the opportunity to speak out if their candidates uncover any issues with the process. When you respond quickly and solve problems right away, it makes your whole background check system work better and more efficiently. Don’t shy away from candidate feedback. Strive to learn from your users and improve on your existing process design through open client communication and user feedback.

Happy Candidates = Happy Clients

Your clients hire you to help them sift through their applicants to find the best candidate for the position. A good C.V. and a winning smile are important, but employers must rely on people like you to verify each hire. Companies, government organizations, and charities all require trustworthy people for their teams. Background checks are a necessary step in the hiring process, but most employers can’t afford a lengthy and painful process to vet their candidates. Likewise, the candidates themselves want to work and need a successful background check before they can start earning a living. It’s up to you to design and execute a background check process to help people and companies work together successfully. Focus on the client and the candidate, and they will reward you with repeat business, recommendations, and a successful future.

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