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The Candidate is King

June 1, 2017
The Candidate is King

Today’s background check providers do well when they focus on candidates. With old players and new challengers in the market, it’s important to carve out any advantages you can. The ultimate success of your service offering and the main driver of your results is the candidate. They are on the frontline of your UX design, your processes, and your primary data entry. It pays to focus on candidates!

Applying for a position can be stressful enough, but the background check portion can be not only stressful, but a bottleneck as well. It’s important to remember that candidates are relying on you to provide an efficient and reliable solution to aid in the hiring process or maintain their ongoing employment. Background checks are a necessary part of the process, but because candidate expectations are higher than ever, their experience matters more than ever. If they experience delays, bugs, and other problems, you can be sure that your client will hear about it. Worse, your customers might lose prime candidates that could give up and look elsewhere for employment. HR managers and your clients need reliable reports, but they also need you to help them woo candidates in the final leg of the process.

Candidates are typically very keen to get the ball rolling in the background check process. Help them help you by making your process as easy and well-designed as possible. Focus on the candidate experience, and they will reward you with timely, accurate inputs and positive feedback to the employer. When the candidate experience is intuitive, flawless and transparent, it builds confidence and trust and helps to alleviate pressure on your client. The user needs to be in control over their piece of the puzzle, and they want to have confidence in the process. An excellent candidate experience starts with excellent design and functionality. Adopting a “Candidate is King” mindset is a key concept that is driving the future of the industry.

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