Love what you do and never work a day in your life


The word "deverus" comes from a mixture of Latin and Spanish and essentially means "from the truth." Over 18 years ago, deverus was started with a fundamental belief that from asking the right questions about our clients' wants and needs, a certain truth will arise, and "from the truth" we will work to bring the right solutions that create lasting value to our clients and their customers.


Today deverus' drive for innovating industry-changing solutions, knowledge of the industry, and unparalleled customer support help HR make critical hiring decisions using data for background checks like criminal records, education and employment verifications, drug and assessment testing, and more. We deliver our services to over 35,000 businesses, hiring more than 2.5 million employees per year, using over 75 trusted partners.


Our goal is to continue developing cutting edge services to help make critical hiring decisions. We see ourselves playing a larger role in these decisions by helping our partners provide new innovations in mobile applications, integrations, compliance, automation, security, and privacy while still helping HR reduce time to hire, liability, and costs.

Life at deverus

If you work with us you’ll find that we love what we do. You’ll find excitement, intellectual stimulation, curiosity, a passion for using technology to make it easier for all users, as well as deep desire to solve our customer's problems because we know what it’s like to be in their shoes. You’ll find all the excitement of a startup, minus the pretension. We work based on results, not how long you work. We don’t think it’s crazy to have a sound business model, paying customers, and a vision for growth.

Keys to Success

Our culture encompasses our values, beliefs, essentially everything where and also what we aspire to be. They are the things we strive for and hire for people who share the same values and want be a part of our culture.

deverus is built on teamwork, passion, and the questioning spirit of our people. To build a great business and a great company, we need great people. Great people have a deep domain expertise and a broad business perspective. They constantly stretch themselves and grow their knowledge. Great people are results-driven and they prioritize for impact. They get the job done. Great people are also leaders; they are an example for others, they energize their teams, they create a great vision, and they act with values. What is the best thing about deverus? It's the people.

Our leverage in the market place comes from the ability to solve important business problems for our customers with sophisticated technology. Great technology is the key: it delivers the value we promise, and allows us to make big promises. Great technology is used and relied upon by customers because it works. At deverus, we constantly expand our technical expertise, translating it into knowledge-based benefits so that we can continue to win competitive battles on the strength of our technology. We have a passion for technology. It's the way we express ourselves.

We are building deverus into one of the great, admired and lasting companies in the industry. deverus will be a sustaining force, a concept, a strategy, a measure of quality in the industry. We make choices with this in mind, choosing initiatives that provide sustainable growth and choosing people for their potential as much as for their current capabilities. We are building a living and learning organization, not a monument; we show flexibility, innovation and a willingness to adapt. In everything we do, we look past the boundaries of our teams, our short-term goals and ourselves. Our work is never finished, because deverus is never finished.

Integrity defines how we act, both as individuals and as a company. Put simply: We do what we say. We follow through on our commitments to our employees, our customers, and the community. We are honest and truthful when we make promises and relentless with their delivery. Our integrity is reflected in our respect for others. We realize that we are part of something bigger than we are, and that our actions represent the entire organization. Integrity for us is not a value of expedience. We live it, always.

deverus is building a customer-centric company. Our purpose is to deliver the high-value technology solutions that help our partners achieve their business goals. We form long-lasting partnerships with customers through repeated successful delivery. We have a strong commitment to the success of our customers. We know our customers, and our daily goals are aligned behind making them successful.

What you know based on having been there, done that, does matter. We have over 60 years of combined experience in automating the background check process. We have a proven track record of providing the best technology and services to improve accuracy, compliance and speed to hire. More than almost anyone else in the industry. That’s why thousands of companies trust our platform to make critical hiring decisions.

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